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The Sawmill Community Land Trust (SCLT) is now offering homebuyer education classes and homeownership counseling services. For those in your neighborhood who already own their home, we can work on budgeting, home maintenance, and/or foreclosure prevention. For those who would like to own a home, we can help with any or all of the steps involved in the home buying process: budgeting, credit issues, working with a lender, choosing a home, etc.

The current economic situation can be a scary time for homeowners who have lost their jobs and need help figuring out how to make ends meet, but low interest rates also make it a good time for some people to buy a home. With both of these things in mind, we would like to offer our services to people in your neighborhood.

Group sessions could be held in a meeting space a block away from our office, located at the Sawmill Lofts, or we could come to your neighborhood.  One-on-one sessions would be held in the Sawmill Community Land Trust’s office. Counseling could be done in either English or Spanish.

If this is an idea that interests you, please contact them at 505-764-0359