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Zoning Procedure

Any new projects, zoning variances, or conditional uses (“zoning changes”) proposed in the neighborhood must be submitted to the the City of Albuquerque Zoning Department as well as the Zoning Chair of the DNA (Downtown Neighborhood Association) Board.

The DNA Board requests that the applicant provide a complete copy of the application and attachments that was given to the City for review.  The application can be hand delivered or mailed to DNA, c/o Jim Clark, 516 11th St. NW, Albuquerque, NM  87102 or emailed to

If necessary, the DNA Zoning Chair will meet with the applicant to determine the nature of the proposal.

The proposed zoning change will be evaluated by the Zoning Chair, according to the following documents:

  1. DNA sector development plan,
  2. The City zone Code.
  3. For properties in the Historic Overlay Zones, the 4th Ward and 8th & Forrester design guidelines.

The Zoning Chair will then present the results of the research and a report of the meeting with the applicant to the DNA Board.  If it is deemed necessary by the Zoning Chair the applicant may be requested to present their case to the entire Board at the next monthly Board Meeting.The Board will hear and vote on all proposals requiring LUCC approval (if staff raises concerns with the proposal), or zone changes.

Not all variances may need to be discussed by the board.  However, if one third of the majority of DNA board wishes an issue to be heard at the board meeting, the item will be put on the next board agenda.

The Zoning Chair will send letters that recommend denial or approval based strictly on the three above documents. The applicant will be notified of the Board’s decision to deny or support the for zoning request application.