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Please join City Councilor Isaac Benton for the first public meeting on the Silver Avenue Bicycle Boulevard Review. This project will review the Bike Boulevard from Yale Boulevard SE west to the Paseo Del Bosque Trail, approximately 5 miles in length and connecting the UNM/ CNM area, Presbyterian Hospital, Downtown, Old Town, and the Paseo Del Bosque Trail. The meeting will focus on current issues along the corridor, with conceptual improvements to be presented in early 2019.

  • When: Thursday, August 30th  from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
  • Where: Botts Hall at the Special Collections Library, 423 Central NE
  • Website:

The boulevard section to be addressed runs on Silver Avenue SE west  from Yale to Oak, then up/ down Lead or Coal to 2nd Street, on 2nd Street to Silver Avenue, then on Silver from 2nd Street to 14th Street, and then on 14th Street to Mountain Road, and when it reaches Mountain Roads, it runs west until it meets the Paseo Del Bosque Trail.

Kind regards,

Petra Morris, AICP

Council Planning Manager
Albuquerque City Council
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