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Downtown Neighborhoods Association
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Annual Meeting
March 7, 2018

The March 2018 annual meeting of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association was held in the Harwood Art Center, pursuant to prior approval.

Holly Siebert called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Board members in attendance: Alice Bergman, David McCain, Lucas Elliott, Asra Ahmad, Minerva Camp, Holly Siebert, Noelle Baroody, Israel Chavez, Daniel Gutierrez, Rick Miera and Rowan Wymark.  One board member was absent.

36 other neighbors and guest speakers also attended.


The agenda was approved with the addition of a presentation by Anne Marie Strangio, Principal of Lew Wallace Elementary School. The February 7 minutes were approved. Noelle Baroody explained the several raffles to be conducted throughout the meeting.


Lucas Elliott gave the treasurer’s report. For the month of February, there was $2550.00 in income, including a $2500 grant from Bernalillo County. There was one expenditure of $355.47 for mailing the newsletter. The February 28 balance was $24,730.56. The treasurer’s report was approved and is on file.



Rowan Wymark announced that the next meeting of the Community Policing Council would be held on March 22 at the Wells Park Community Center (Sixth and Mountain).


Commander Josh McDonald introduced himself as the new Valley Area Commander.


Sergeant Nicholas Sanders (761-8808, reported that there was a drop in property crimes in DNA from March 2017 to March 2018. APD is emphasizing the apprehension of repeat offenders. Detailed statistics can be found on



            Asra Ahmad described preparations for the 2018 Mother’s Day tour (Sunday, May 13). Plans are complete for food trucks, the trolley and the eight homes on tour. Tickets are for sale on She solicited volunteer docents.

Alice Bergman said that water bill inserts (promoting the tour) have gone out.



            State Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino reported that the recent 30-day legislative session produced a budget, which Governor Martinez signed on March 7.  The state’s revenues have increased due to a 50% increase in the price of oil. New Mexico now produces as much oil as any of the traditional drilling states. There is a rising population in state prisons. The budget included an increase for the Bernalillo County District Attorney, in an attempt to reduce the backlog of cases.

Senator Ortiz y Pino believes that CYFD needs a major “rethinking”. He discussed the sinkholes near Carlsbad, caused by brine wells drilled for the oil and gas industry. . He endorsed the Spaceport and discussed problems with the state’s guardianship system.



City Councilor Ike Benton endorsed the new APD chief and described the benefits of community policing. He talked about efforts to retain experienced officers.

Councilor Benton supports the County tax for behavioral health. He described supportive housing programs.

Federal funds for ART are in jeopardy. Councilor Benton said part of the problem with ART is that many decisions were made in haste at the end of the last mayoral administration.



            Anne Marie Strangio is the Principal of Lew Wallace. She described the new APS structure of community schools, which allows Lew Wallace to share resources and projects with three other nearby elementary schools.



            Rowan Wymark (for the Nominating Committee) distributed paper ballots to attendees. Seven current board members had terms expiring in March 2018 (at this meeting). Two of those board members had previously declined to be re-nominated (Israel Chavez and Lucas Elliott).


The other five board members with expiring terms had previously agreed to be re-nominated:

Daniel Gutierrez

  1. J. Mancini

Rick Miera

Holly Siebert

Rowan Wymark


Rowan had previously recruited two new nominees for election:

Russell Janis

Brian Reilly


The paper ballots listed the seven nominees above and provided spaces for write-ins. Each nominee described his or her interest in joining the board or remaining on the board. There were no write-ins and no nominations from the floor. The seven nominees above were elected to the board for terms expiring in 2020.



            Minerva Camp described ongoing neighborhood projects: history project, neighborhood clean-up and the National Night Out. She solicited ideas for other neighborhood projects.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

David McCain