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Dear Stakeholders,

Attached for your preview is the Albuquerque Environmental Health Department, Air Quality Programs (AQP) DRAFT 2017 Annual Network Review (ANR) for Ambient Air Monitoring.  Each year the ambient air monitoring surveillance system must be reviewed and the report must be disseminated for public review and comment.  The review is required by 40 CFR, Part 58, Subpart B.  Our objective is to optimally apply limited resources, while maximizing ambient air monitoring coverage.

This network plan describes the framework of the local air quality surveillance system, presents monitoring results over the past three years, provides comparisons to National Ambient Air Quality Standards, and discusses future plans. The annual monitoring network plan must be made available for public inspection for at least 30 days prior to formal submission to EPA. The AQP will post the 2017 ANR at on June 1 and have it available for comments through June 30, 2017.   Further details for commenting on the 2017 ANR will be posted at that time as well.

Outreach to our stakeholders is very important to our process, so I will send a follow up email on June 1st notifying you all of the 2017 ANR post.

We look forward to your review and comments.


Fabian Macias

Air Quality Official

Albuquerque Environmental Health Department


DRAFT – 2017 Abq_Bern Co Annual Air Monitoring Network Review

2017 Abq_Bern Co – Air Monitoring Station Photos