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We wanted to let you know about some of the changes that are happening with the Office of Neighborhood Coordination. Last month the City Council passed a resolution to move the Office of Neighborhood Coordination from the Planning Department to the City Council Office, effective April 1st. Currently in the Council Office there is myself, ONC Manager, and Vanessa Baca, Neighborhood Communication Liaison. On April 3rd, Dalaina Carmona, Sr. Admin Assistant, and Vicente Quevedo, Neighborhood Liaison, the two current staff at ONC, will join us in the City Council Office. We are very excited about this change as it will increase the capacity and staffing levels to better serve your neighborhoods.

The goal of the Office of Neighborhood Coordination is to help create healthy and thriving neighborhoods in the City of Albuquerque. To that end, we need your help. You are the expert in your neighborhood and instead of us telling you what your neighborhood needs, we want to hear from you! We’ve put together an online survey and it would greatly help us if you would take the time to fill it out:

Also, if you would like to forward this information to the people in your neighborhood association we would love to hear from them as well.

Thanks for your service and your time!

Sara Mancini
Council Neighborhood Services / Office of Neighborhood Coordination
ABQ City Council Office