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Downtown Neighborhoods Association

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monthly Meeting

February 1, 2017


      The February 2017 meeting of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association was held at Lew Wallace School, pursuant to prior approval.

Board Chair Reba Eagles called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. Board members in attendance: Chan Graham, Alice Bergman, Reba Eagles, David McCain, Noelle Baroody, Holly Siebert, Israel Chavez, Margaret Connealy, Ric Higginbotham, Gabe Campos and Rick Miera. Two board members were absent. (The board currently has only 13 members.) Four other neighbors and guest speakers also attended. Sign in sheets are on file.

Introductions were made. The January 4 minutes were approved.

Susan Deichsel gave the Treasurer’s Report. For the month of January, there was no income and no expenses. The January 31 balance was $25,007.89. The Treasurer’s Report was approved and is on file.


Sasha Sanchez (917-4443) described plans for the monument, which will be on courthouse property at the southeast corner of Fifth and Lomas. In the late 1800’s, New Mexico was the first U. S. territory or state to grant civil rights to Chinese immigrants, many of whom were working on construction of the railroad. The monument is budgeted at $275,000 and proposals from artists are being solicited nationally. The project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2018.


Susan Deichsel reported that the zoning sections of the DNA Sector Development Plan will be “folded into” the proposed City I.D.O. The Environmental Planning Commission will consider the I.D.O. in early April. There was a discussion of the effect of the I.D.O. on the DNA historic overlay zones. There should be little or no effect.


The annual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 1, 6:45 pm at Hotel Blue (8th and Central). Many details were discussed.

Israel Chavez wants us to remind recent tree recipients that they have a responsibility to water their new tree. Rowan Wymark will handle the Nominating Committee, recruiting candidates to fill vacant board positions. Reba announced that the following board members’ terms will expire at this meeting: Margaret Connealy, Dick Deichsel, Reba Eagles, Chan Graham, David McCain, Alice Bergman and Noelle Baroody. Holly Siebert will staff the membership table. Rowan will get food from Café Lush. Margaret Connealy encouraged people to provide some potluck dishes.

Guest speakers were discussed. The legislature will be in session so State Representative Javier Martinez and Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino will probably not be available. Councilor Isaac Benton will be invited. Alice Bergman asked if we should invite a representative from Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART). There was no consensus.

Reba said we should talk about DNA’s “wins” over the past year, including the tree project, Mary Fox Park, the National Night Out and the historic homes tour. Rick Miera volunteered to discuss the 1/8 tax for mental health programs. Chan Graham will bring 100 copies of the historic homes book.

Chan solicited comments about his survey of neighbors’ opinions about DNA. Ric Higginbotham said that questions 5 and 6 were not amenable to a “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” response. Chan agreed and will revise the survey.


Reba announced that she had received a notification from the City that Emet Maayan is applying to the Landmarks Commission to install dormers on his home at 1013 8th NW. There was no motion and no position taken.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55.

Respectfully submitted,

David McCain