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Downtown Neighborhoods Association
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Monthly Meeting
January 4, 2017

The January 2017 meeting of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association was held at Lew Wallace School, pursuant to prior approval.


Board Chair Reba Eagles called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. Board members in attendance: Dick Deichsel, Rowan Wymark, Chan Graham, Alice Bergman, Reba Eagles, David McCain, Noelle Baroody, Holly Siebert and Israel Chavez. Four board members were absent. (The board currently has only 13 members.) Seven other neighbors and guest speakers also attended. Sign in sheets are on file.


Introductions were made. The December 7, 2016 minutes were approved.


Dick Deichsel gave the Treasurer’s Report. For the month of December, there was no income. There was one expense, $19,950 for the purchase and planting of trees. (A grant from PNM covered $16,000 of this expense.) The November 30 balance was $25,007.89. Dick noted that in 2016, DNA’s income exceeded the amount anticipated in the budget. The Treasurer’s Report was approved and is on file.



            Pamela Otero described her fitness studio located at 1761 Bellamah NW, next to the Ponderosa Brewing Company. She has been in business for 21/2 years, offering a full range of classes and equipment. The first class is free. (489-9484.



            The design of this proposed new construction will be considered by the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission on Wednesday, January 11 at 3:00 p.m. Reba showed drawings and plans from Consensus Planning. The current designs are smaller than the initial design. The larger unit is 1290 sq. ft. with a detached 400 sq. ft. garage and the smaller unit is 990 sq. ft. with a detached 390 sq. ft. garage. David McCain moved and Dick Deichsel seconded a motion to write a letter of support to the LUCC. The motion passed. Plans and drawings are on file.



            Reba announced that this property is for sale. The property has had a conditional use permit as a live/work restaurant for several years. No one was sure if the permit attaches to the property or expires when the property is sold.  The on-line real estate listing says that a new owner would be allowed to have a restaurant. We will have a speaker on this question at the February meeting. There was a discussion of the difficulties involved in getting realtors to disclose restrictions imposed by the zoning code or historic overlay zones.



            Reba announced a series of upcoming events regarding the City Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO). There was a discussion of how the IDO would impact the Downtown Sector Development Plan.


Rowan Wymark is now an official member of the Community Policing Council. Dick Deichsel described the positive feedback that APD has received regarding renewed bicycle patrols. There are now six bicycle officers patrolling downtown at various times. There was a discussion of the cost and feasibility of private security patrols.

Reba announced that DNA had been notified of two notifications of issues to be heard by the Zoning Hearing Examiner. No positions were proposed or taken.


Chan Graham announced that DNA planted 42 trees in December 2016, using a $16,000 PNM grant and $3950 in DNA funds. There was a discussion of the possibility of DNA applying for another tree grant.


Chan has also priced the printing of the oral history of DNA that he is currently writing. Staples quoted $8.11 per book at a quantity of 200 books. Chan wants to pursue a City or County grant. Minerva Camp volunteered to donate the printing (not the binding), using her office color printer.


Israel Chavez suggested that DNA sponsor a forum for mayoral candidates and a council candidate forum prior to the October 2017 election.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.


Respectfully submitted,

David McCain