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Subject: CrimeWatch Alerts and Announcements 31 July 2016
Block Captains, please forward to your neighbors.
If you don’t have a Neighborhood Watch on your block and want to know more how to start one, contact APD Neighborhood Watch Director Steve Sink at and ask for information, or go to

If you want off this BCC email list, for whatever reason , email and ask to be removed.  List all emails at which you currently receive this CrimeWatch.
If you have a new neighbor, email me their street address and name and I will take them a Crime Prevention Welcome Bag.  If I know they have elementary school children I can add information about the school.
Penny Hoe, Neighborhood CrimeWatch Alerts & Announcements
(a) Community Policing Council Announcement
from KOB news online,
The Albuquerque Police Department and Alburquerque Community Policing Council will be hosting community discussion about the Department of Justice Settlement Agreement.  The meetings will be taking place in each of the city’s six area commands. They will be taking place during the regularly scheduled Community Policing Councils.
Organizers say this is a wonderful opportunity for the community to meet and interact with the members of the Community Policing Councils and APD staff and officers.  Viewers can learn more about the Community Policing Councils on their website.

Here is the schedule of meetings:

Monday, August 1st | Foothills CPC | 6 P.M. | Holiday Park Community Center – 11710 Comanche NE

Monday, August 8th | Northwest CPC | 6 P.M. | NW APD Substation – 10401 Cibola Loop NW

Tuesday, August 9th | Northeast CPC | 6:30 P.M | North Domingo Baca Center – 7521 Carmel NE

Wednesday, August 10th | Southwest CPC | 6 P.M. | Patrick J. Baca Library – 8081 Central NW

Thursday, August 18th | Southeast CPC | 6 P.M. | Cesar Chavez Community Center – 7505 Kathryn SE

Thursday, August 25th | Valley CPC | 6 P.M. | Los Duranes Community Center – 2920 Leopoldo NW

(2)   CrimeMapping Reports of Police Reports Filed From Within our Neighborhood
Date        —  —     Activity    —     —   —   Block/Street  —   —   Notes if any
25 July 2016 — Residential Burglary — 4900 blk Osuna Place
25 July 2016 — Auto Burglary           — 4900 blk Osuna Place 
18 July 2016 — Auto Burglary           — 8800 blk Gutierrez Rd
17 July 2016 — Auto Burglary           — 8500 blk Northridge Dr
16 July 2016 — Larceny/All Other     — 9200 blk Evangeline
15 July 2016 — Auto Burglary           — 8600 blk Northridge Dr
13 July 2016 — Residential Burglary — 9000 blk Gutierrez Rd
12 July 2016 — Vandalism, Mischief, Graffiti — 9200 blk Gutierrez Rd
12 July 2016 — Vandalism, Mischief, Graffiti — 9200 blk Gutierrez Rd — 2nd incident
(3)  Crimes Reported in Our Neighborhood by NE Area Command Watch Notes
Date        —  —  —        Activity    —     —   —   Block/Street  —   —   Notes if any
weekend 7/15-7/18 — Auto Burglary          —  8500 blk Northridge —  one of 17 auto burglaries in NE Command
weekend 7/15-7/18 — Residential Burglary  —  9300 blk of Osuna Place — one of 7 res burglaries in NE Command
(4) Helpful Tips from recent Academy Estates East Crime Watch Email 24 July 2016

Thanks to Janet Butts

a)  Last year a neighbor reported a rude and pushy salesman in a truck, selling meat.  The Foothills Command has reported meat trucks going around, trying to sell meat this summer.  Beware and report any meat trucks that approach you.  The quality and source of the meat would be questionable, in my opinion, and it appears these guys are really casing the areas they are driving in.  It is always wise to call in solicitors to 242-COPS. They can come out and check on these guys and help us communicate that we don’t accept “salespeople” coming into our area. It is best to shop with people that you know or at least know where their places of business are.  See Jill’s report and advice below: 

“One of my Neighborhood Watch Block Captains just alerted me that there is man working their area near Juan Tabo/Candelaria selling meat from his truck and he was also seen in the area around Juan Tabo/Spain Rd NE.  Please follow these recommendations if you are approached:

·         Post a No Soliciting sign at your door – the Foothills substation at 12800 Lomas just received a shipment of signs for the community on Friday – stop by Mondays through Fridays anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. to pick up a free sign.  Just ask the ladies at the front desk for a sign. [ NE Area Command has these signs also! Penny]

·         You may also ask for a Door to Door Solicitation brochure that explains the ordinance regarding door to door solicitation and why it’s helpful to have a sign and know the rules.

·         Respond behind your locked door if home that you will be calling the APD 242-COPS number if your sign is not honored, if you feel scared or the person is aggressive.  The information from the 242-COPS calls from citizens helps those behind the scenes at APD and the officers.  Posting or complaining on a closed chat room/site can alert your neighbors, but not law enforcement…

·         Do not confront, chase, try to photograph or otherwise place yourself in a compromising situation – -just report the person to 242-COPS please, and from a safe place.  Provide the best description you can and any vehicle information and direction of travel information.

·         Post your No Soliciting sign in a prominent place by your door, front gate, fencing, etc.  You don’t have to have one of the APD-provided signs – you can make your own or purchase your own.  We just feel it’s good practice to provide the signs to our community.

·         If you live in a rental community with No Trespassing signs that display the city ordinance 12-2-3 on the sign, please notify courtesy patrol and then the management office and then 242-COPS if need be.

No matter how good of deal you think you may be getting from discount meat sold by a stranger from the back of a truck, please keep in mind your health and family’s health (tainted meat, disease, etc.) and buy purchasing meat in this fashion (or any type of edibles) you may be supporting a professional shoplifting/fencing ring.  If you hand over a check, this person will also now have your name, address, bank routing and account number.  Stay safe, thanks for helping our local law enforcement team – Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS

  2) Here is disturbing report I received from Tramway and Spain area. ALWAYS report such incidents as APD needs that info.  Please reference the attachment I sent in July 20 update on “Why Report.” Here  At 12:45pm today,Wednesday, a Honda mid-size car, silverish/bluish was seen on Paseo del Oso, and turned into the court at Danube. the home owner was working outside but was in her garage and an Hispanic lady got out of the car. She was walking over to go into the garage.  The home owner was in the corner behind some stuff where the lady couldn’t see her.  The home owner popped out when she saw somebody at her garage and asked what the lady needed. The lady responded, “oh, well, I am selling tamales.”  The home owner said she didn’t want any. The lady went back and got into the car and left pretty quickly. They didn’t go door to door selling, so it seemed obvious to the home owner that the stranger was going to case her garage or steal. An Hispanic male was driving the car but he did not get out.
3)  IDEA FOR MEDICARE CARD WITH SSN#-  (I got this idea from a receptionist at Quest Labs.)  It is unwise to carry your Medicare Card with you because of the SSN# on it; however one needs it every time one visits a doctor, clinic, emergency room, etc I first made a copy of my entire Medicare Card (front and back), whiting out the SSN#.  Then I made a copy of that copied card (so there is no opportunity to “see through” the white or black out), laminated it, and now show it to receptionists when visiting a doctor.  All the pertinent info is on the card, yet your SSN# is safe at home (in a safe or in a safety deposit box).
ALSO, keep your Social Security Card (and number on it)  in a safe at home or somewhere secure, getting it out only when you need it for tax purposes.  If you carry it with you, and your purse or wallet is stolen, the thief has important ID info to steal from you.
I  hope I have not overwhelmed you with all the “advice and tips.”  I gets LOTS more of this kind from Jill and Sharanne, but for you, I spend time sifting through it all to pick the most appropriate and valuable….although I guess it all is valuable–if I have difficulty absorbing it all, I am sure you feel the same.  It does take a lot of time on my part, but you all are worth it.  As I said, I hope you find it all valuable and not a waste of your time.  Don’t try to read it all in one sitting….just keep it handy for separate reading when you find the time. 
Be safe, not fearful:  practice good crime prevention techniques!  Janet
and July 23rd:  exploding mailbox! in AEENA

A neighbor on Camino Osito had his mailbox destroyed Thursday night.  At first he and neighbors thought it had been hit by a vehicle, but it is now believed that the stone structure in which the mailbox was positioned was blown up.  Remember that any damage or tampering to mailboxes should be reported to APD to give them a heads up that we are experiencing vandalism and/or mail theft for their records, and then call US Postal Inspector at 877-876-2455 to report this federal offense. 
(5) National Night Out … Aug 2nd
Please leave your porch lights on all night and light up the darkness! 
Consider hosting a block party next year and registering it so APD and City officials can attend.