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Downtown Neighborhoods Association

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monthly Meeting

July 6, 2016


The July 2016 meeting of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association was held at the Sixth Street Studio of the Harwood Art Center, pursuant to prior approval.


Board Chair Reba Eagles called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Board members in attendance: Reba Eagles, David McCain, Dick Deichsel, Margaret Connealy, Noelle Baroody, Israel Chavez, Rowan Wymark, Gabe Campos, Ric Higginbotham, Alice Bergman and Holly Siebert. Three board members were absent. (The board currently has only 14 members due to the resignation of Robert Bello on July 6.)  Eight other neighbors and guest speakers also attended. Sign in sheets are on file.


Introductions were made. The agenda was approved with the addition of a presentation on the Growers Market. The June 1 minutes were approved.


Dick Deichsel gave the Treasurer’s Report. For the month of June, there was $1,041.28 in income, including an $800 movie donation from “The Preacher”. There was also a $240 donation from Nancy Hoffman. This money was the remaining balance of the Plaza Vieja Neighborhood Association, the area that was added to DNA a few months ago. Expenses totaled $363.15. The June 30 balance was $34,580.77.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved and is on file.



Dezaree Vega is a consultant representing ART. She described the project and the construction schedule. There will be no street closings on Central. Ric Higginbotham asked about the design of the boarding structure at 15th and Central. Mark Solomon asked about the required federal funding and Dezaree said it was expected. She also described the status of the two lawsuits against ART. Jacqueline Guilbault asked about the effects of ART on Central Ave. left turns and traffic on streets immediately north and south of Central. Dezaree will email Reba with more detail on the cost of the project. ART has a 24-hour hotline at 398-4ART. (



            Robert Hoberg (252-2959, is the manager of the Growers Market at Robinson Park (Central and 8th). There was an extensive discussion of the park as a homeless and drug-dealing scene during the rest of the week. Robert encouraged people to call 242-COPS to report suspicious activity. Robert said that if the park had more activity during the week, that activity would make the dealers uncomfortable. There was a discussion of holding next year’s National Night Out at Robinson Park.



            Robert Nelson represents this organization, which encompasses the “Pocket of Poverty”, an area of neighborhoods surrounding DNA. There is a fund of 5 million dollars for projects in the area, unspent for 20 years(!) from former Urban Development Action Grants (UDAG’s). Robert solicited ideas for projects. Mayor Berry has committed to not using these funds for ART. The HNA meets every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in the art gallery at 8th and Central. Robert asked for a DNA representative and Israel Chavez volunteered to attend the July 7 meeting. Robert will email a description of HNA to DNA board members.





            Alice Bergman moved and Margaret Connealy seconded a motion to change the monthly meeting time to 6:45. The purpose of the change is to make the meetings less rushed. The motion passed.



            Lipstick Bail Bonds (8th and Lomas) is requesting a variance from the zoning requirement that bail bond offices be located no more than 500 feet from Metro Court. Israel Chavez volunteered to attend the hearing and notify the board of the date and time.


The board took no action on Duran Pharmacy’s request for a beer and wine license.


There was a discussion of the need for a board member to take over the Zoning Committee after the resignation of Robert Bello.


Margaret Connealy reported that Chan Graham has been hospitalized. Holly Siebert got messages written on a get-well card she had produced. In Chan’s absence, the Tree Committee will meet on Wednesday, July 13 at 6:00 p.m. at Margaret’s house, 801  14th NW. The committee will discuss the application process for neighbors who ask for a tree on their property.


Rowan Wymark reported that Holly Siebert will produce a flyer announcing the National Night Out, Tuesday, August 2 at Mary Fox Park (13th and Roma). Holly will host a meeting of the NNO committee at her house on Sunday, July10. Holly will produce and mail a post card (as previously budgeted) to the whole neighborhood, announcing the event.


Holly has produced a poster announcing the official opening of the renovated Mary Fox Park (13th and Roma) on Saturday, July 23, 11:00 a.m.


Susan Deichsel reported on several proposals from the Projects Committee. She described the $16,000 PNM grant (with $4000 DNA match) for the tree project.

She proposed a $600 prize for John and Zacharias Sais, the children who approached Mayor Berry about proceeding with planned renovations to Mary Fox Park. Noelle Baroody moved and Margaret Connealy seconded a motion to approve the award. The motion passed.

Susan proposed that DNA establish an award for neighborhood activism, to be called the “Chan Graham Above and Beyond Award”. She also proposed that Chan be the first recipient. Alice Bergman made the motion and Margaret Connealy seconded. The motion passed.


There was a consensus that the Harwood Sixth Street Studio is too warm for summer meetings. The library at Lew Wallace School (7th and Fruit) has been mentioned in the past as an alternative. At this point in the meeting, Reba had left but Ric Higginbotham said that if we use the school library Reba wants to be sure that DNA is not in the position of responding to frequent requests for financial help from the school. Instead, Reba wants DNA to make a single annual donation. There was also a discussion of cancelling the August meeting since the first Wednesday in August would be the evening after the National Night Out. No decision was reached.


Ric Higginbotham thanked everyone who worked on the 2016 tour. He asked the meeting to begin thinking about homes for the 2018 tour. He also said that we need to be clearer about the potential uses for the substantial amounts of money generated by the tour.


Robert Nelson announced that the Wells Park Neighborhood Association will hold a barbecue on Saturday, July 30 at the Wells Park Community Center (5th and Mountain). There is no need to bring a dish.


Mark Solomon said that DNA meetings are still not announced on the DNA website.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50.


Respectfully submitted,

David McCain