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unnamedDNA CURB APPEAL HOME OF THE MONTH The Downtown Neighborhoods Association recently received a grant from Bernalillio County to survey the number and condition of trees in our association’s area parkways. The short and long-term goal is planting trees to begin the process of increasing our city’s diminishing tree canopy. Our activity for this grant has increased the awareness of our neighbors’ landscapes, which leads us to recognize Frankie Veronda’s home on the SE corner of 10th and Marquette. It’s worth a walk, or drive-by, to see the colorful array of flowers in her parkways. Frankie was born in Albuquerque but, shortly after, her family moved to Oakland, CA where she was raised and went to school. When her children’s father died suddenly from a heart attack, her sister, Anna Muller, encouraged her to move back to Albuquerque. She bought this home in 1982. Besides liking the house, she felt the location was ideal, because it was close to her sister’s home. Her first projects were, adding the garage, and renovating the house. In the process, her creative gardening gene came to life, and she beautified the parkways. Her son, Michael, has helped turn the landscape into the botanical eye-fest it’s become. We at the Downtown Neighborhoods Association wish to express our gratitude to Frankie and her son for the work and loving care they’ve given this home in our neighborhood. -PHOTO/S- The goal of the Curb Appeal Appreciation program is to recognize the efforts of the Downtown Neighborhoods area residents who take pride in their homes and landscapes, plus inspire others to do the same. Look for the “Home of the Month” sign as you walk, bike or drive around our neighborhood. We will recognize businesses as well. You are welcome to nominate your own, or other neighbors’ homes as candidates, by calling 796-5436, or e-mail Submitted by: Dick Deichselunnamed-1