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Downtown Neighborhoods Association

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monthly Meeting

January 7, 2015


The January 2015 meeting of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association was held at the Harwood Art Center, pursuant to prior approval.

Board members in attendance: Miriam Ortiz y Pino, David McCain, Margaret Connealy, Reba Eagles, Dick Deichsel, Bob Yuhas, Chan Graham, Sue Brych, Rowan Wymark, Ric Higginbotham, Fernando Pizarro, Rick Miera and Robert Bello. Two board members were absent. Twelve other neighbors also attended. Sign in sheets are on file.

Board Chair Reba Eagles called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Introductions were made. The agenda was approved. The December 3 minutes were approved.

Dick Deichsel gave the Treasurer’s Report. For the month of December, there was $305 in income, including $235 in book sales. Expenses totaled $1414 for the printing of the history project book. The December 31 balance was $25,380.38. The County still owes DNA the last $1500 for the history grant. The Treasurer’s Report was approved and is on file.



            Sergeant Nicholas Sanders of APD reported that the department is still trying to correct issues with their computerized incident reporting statistics. Crime in DNA has been at “normal” levels with no “hot spots”. There were discussions of the shooting at the 7-11 at Lomas and 12th, the various categories of incidents in crime statistics, and thefts of bicycles. Bicycle recovery is difficult.



One year ago Monica Rempen, an acupuncturist, received a one-year “trial” approval to open a low-impact practice in her house (zoned residential) on Roma between 14th and 15th. Dr. Rempen was not present. Robert Bello lives across the street and reported that Dr. Rempen has improved the property and her practice has very little impact in terms of traffic or parking. Robert moved and David McCain seconded a motion to extend the trial variance another year. The motion passed.



Ms. Perez is proposing an addition to the second floor of her home at 416 13th NW, in the Fourth Ward Historic Overlay Zone. Her hearing before the LUCC is scheduled for January 14. She wants to renovate her attic to create a 400 sq. ft. bedroom with a dormer in the rear of the home. She asked DNA for a letter of support for the project. She emphasized that the addition would be barely visible from the street and suggested that an addition at 301 Walter SE is comparable. Miriam and Ric Higginbotham are both familiar with the property and supported the proposal. Robert will send out a call for an email discussion and vote, to be done before the LUCC hearing.


Reba will see if Hotel Blue is available for the March 4 annual meeting.



            Jon Anderson has submitted a revised design for a demolition and new construction on his property at 908 Roma NW, in the Fourth Ward Historic Overlay Zone. Several years ago, DNA was opposed to the design he proposed at that time. Robert Bello said there are no plans available for review. He will contact Maryellen Hennessy at the LUCC to get more information. Anderson’s LUCC hearing is scheduled for January 14.


            Rowan said the text is done for the winter newsletter. Chan will do the design and the newsletter should be printed by mid-February. Dick said the USPS “every door” system will continue to have areas with no delivery, since to expand the delivery would mean paying for service in large areas outside of DNA.


Chan asked for volunteers to help with a tree survey in preparation for nominations and choosing a demonstration block for new trees. The recent County grant to DNA will allow the planting of trees on both sides of a selected linear block. The winter newsletter will solicit nominations.


Bob Yuhas (for the Safety Committee) encouraged the meeting to call 242-COPS for minor issues because the level of patrols in an area is based in part on the number of calls. Reba recommended as a means of sharing information about a variety of neighborhood issues. Rowan recommended the “Coffee with a Cop” program at Weck’s restaurants.


Dick Deichsel announced that Gertrude Zachary’s former home on the southwest corner of 14th and Granite is the Curb Appeal home this month.


Reba announced that the renovations to Mary Fox Park would be on the LUCC agenda on January 14.


David will send out an email with the names of board members whose terms are expiring at the March 4 annual meeting. Sue Brych chairs the Nominating Committee and requested that those board members contact her regarding whether they wish to be nominated for another two-year term.


Anna Muller and others thanked Rick Miera for his 24 years of service as our state representative.


Susan Deichsel made several announcements. The Harwood Art Center has received a five million dollar grant for renovations to the building. Susan will contact the City Forester about attending a DNA meeting to discuss tree roots and the resulting cracks in sidewalks. The Railyard market will continue to be held every Sunday instead of alternate Sundays as had been proposed.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25.


Respectfully submitted,

David McCain