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Keep Albuquerque Beautiful welcomes all community organizations, businesses, neighborhood associations and private citizens to adopt a median in your area.

Imagine driving down the streets of Albuquerque and enjoying plants and colorful flowers rather than dirt or concrete. What a beautiful sight! Your organization can do just that! Adopting a median in your area makes a huge difference. Adopted medians become powerful symbols of the pride that people take in their community while working together to create lifelong friendships.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and make your community a cleaner and more beautiful place to live, like Goodrich Roofing recently did. These revived strips of land in the center of our streets can be a great advertising opportunity! Every organization is recognized with a sign placed at the site with their name on it to be seen by the public.

Call Keep Albuquerque Beautiful today to adopt your median at (505)761-8334 to get started today.