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Five important questions will appear on the November 4th General Election Ballot to fund Community Improvement Projects.

COUNTY BOND ISSUE #1 -Library Books and Materials

$1,800,000 to keep our Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Library system updated and to assure a quality educational resource for everyone – all library branches will benefit.

COUNTY BOND ISSUE #2 – Public Safety

$5,741,000 to design and construct new public safety facilities and repair existing facilities.

ANIMAL SHELTER –$4,500,000 to design, construct and equip a new 7000 square-foot animal shelter facility within Bernalillo County.

Metropolitan Assessment Treatment Services Center (MATS) – $41,000 for the design and installation of a new HVAC system to open a new wing for services.

FACILITIES MAINTENANCE – $1,200,000 to replace aging systems in various county-owned buildings.

COUNTY BOND ISSUE #3 – Parks and Recreation Facilities

$6,460,000 for improvements to parks and community centers, a new otter exhibit at the ABQ BioPark, design and construction of a new Regional Recreation & Aquatics Facility, and additional little league fields.

OTTER EXHIBIT AT ABQ AQUARIUM – $2,000,000 towards the design and construction of a new Otter Exhibit at the ABQ Aquarium.

REGIONAL RECREATION & AQUATICS FACILITY – $1,250,000 to design and construct a new facility within the county.

LOS VECINOS COMMUNITY CENTER – $800,000 to move existing basketball court, fix turf and improve grading and drainage.

WESTSIDE COMMUNITY CENTER – $450,000 to demolish the annex, create new parking, and improve existing trail and drainage.

PARADISE HILLS COMMUNITY CENTER – $400,000 to include an additional gym, a fitness center, locker and changing rooms and additional parking.

LOS PADILLAS COMMUNITY CENTER – $50,000 to add lighting to redeveloped parking lot.

LA LADERA PARK – $100,000 to expand the park to the west including a MRGCD ditch crossing

DENNISON PARK – $50,000 to install new bleachers, a concession stand, a sheep enclosure and additional parking.

NORTH VALLEY LITTLE LEAGUE – $610,000 to plan, design, construct and equip two new little league fields, a concession stand and additional parking.

LITTLE LEAGUE FACILITIES – $100,000 to purchase and install bleachers at all facilities.

PARK AND PLAYGROUND REDEVELOPMENT – $500,000 to improve parks and playgrounds county-wide.

AQUATIC UPGRADES – $50,000 to add changing rooms, improve ADA access, install new landscaping and lighting at pools throughout the county.

ADA PLANNING – $100,000 to identify specific ADA recommendations, plans and cost estimates for upgrades to all parks, recreation and open space facilities.

COUNTY BOND ISSUE #4 – Road Construction and Improvements

$9,070,000 for the design, construction and repair of roads and related non-motor vehicle pathways within Bernalillo County.

SUNPORT EXTENSION – $1,600,000 to extend Sunport Boulevard from Broadway Boulevard to I-25, using four- lane construction.

BRIDGE BOULEVARD REDEVELOPMENT – $1,500,000 to reconstruct Bridge Boulevard from Coors to Isleta Boulevard.

2nd STREET SW and VALLE DEL ORO TRAIL – $500,000 to construct a 10-foot-wide multi-use trail within existing right-of-way for segments both north and south of Rio Bravo.

PAVING AND REHABILITATING ROADS IN DISTRICTS 1, 2, 4 and 5 – $4,000,000 to place asphalt pavement on unincorporated area dirt and graveled roadways or to replace substantially deteriorated paved roadways throughout the county.

CAP-COOP STATE SCHOOL BUS ROUTE PROGRAM – $170,000 to provide matching funds for State funding to improve various school bus routes including paving, drainage and safety improvements.

NEW SIDEWALKS, ADA IMPROVEMENTS AND LIGHTING IN DISTRICT 3 – $1,000,000 to augment capital outlay dollars received from the State to install new sidewalks, ADA improvements and lighting.

ROADWAY STRIPING, TRAFFIC CALMING AND GUARDRAILS – $300,000 to replace roadway striping, install traffic calming devices, pavement markings and guardrails as needed for safety.

COUNTY BOND ISSUE #5 – Drainage and Utilities

$4,500,000 for flood damage reduction and storm drainage projects, sewer infrastructure and fiber optic installation.

VISTA DEL RIO PHASE 4B – $2,000,000 to install storm drainage facilities to collect storm water and direct it to a detention pond. Curb and gutters will be installed on the roadways to prevent runoff from entering private property.

ARENAL STORM DRAIN – $1,700,000 to continue the flood damage reduction project in the South Valley.

NORTH EDITH – $500,000 to develop sewer infrastructure and potentially build water infrastructure for the far northern extent of Edith Boulevard.

FIBER OPTICS DESIGN AND INSTALLATION – $300,000 to install fiber optics as an essential county utility and incorporate its installation with other utility work when possible.