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The June 2014 meeting of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association was held at the

Harwood Art Center, pursuant to prior approval.

Board members in attendance: Miriam Ortiz y Pino, David McCain, Rowan Wymark,

Dick Deichsel, Margaret Connealy, Reba Eagles, Bob Yuhas, Ric Higginbotham, Jeni Pope,

Sue Brych, Sandy Gregory, Robert Bello and Chan Graham. Two board members were absent.

Eight other neighbors also attended. Sign in sheets are on file.

Board chair Reba Eagles called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Introductions were

made. The agenda was approved. The May 7 minutes were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved and is on file. The May 1 opening balance was

$21,318.60 and the May 31 closing balance was $29,407.16. Income for May was $11,285

including $11,270 in ticket sales for the home tour. Expenses totaled $3196.44, including

$1774.03 for the tour and $1307.56 for Soldiers and Sailors Park (13th

Deichsel also reviewed the 2014 budget and expenditures to date.


APD Sergeant Art Sanchez reported that property crimes were down in May. Reports of

suspicious persons were down from 46 in April to only 7 in May; Sgt. Sanchez is concerned

that neighbors may be paying less attention. There was a discussion of the possibility that shots

were fired on the evening of Memorial Day, and Sgt. Sanchez explained how 911 calls are

prioritized. Sue Brych asked about speeding on Lomas; Sgt. Sanchez will schedule the APD

trailer that shows drivers their speed.


Ric Higginbotham reviewed the May 11 home tour. He started by pointing out the

public relations benefit of introducing people to the residential areas of downtown. The day was

very windy and attendance was down (less than 900) as a result. There has been no negative

feedback from homeowners. Several homeowners mentioned that they were happy that there

were relatively fewer people. Ric mentioned the possibility of limiting ticket sales in the future,

pointing out that the 2010 tour (with 1300 in attendance) was probably too crowded. The trolley

was again a very positive feature.


Melanie Lewis gave an overview of the school. The principal wants to have a table at

the Neighborhood Night Out. Sixty percent of students now live in the school’s area (DNA, the

Raynolds Addition and the Huning Castle neighborhood). There will be a music program in the

2014-2015 school year.

Melanie presented an itemized request (on file) for $1879 in equipment for physical

education. Ric Higginbotham asked that the board defer consideration of the P.E. proposal and

make that request part of a larger discussion of how DNA allocates funds. Miriam Ortiz y Pino

wants clear guidelines for expenditures.

Reba Eagles discussed her attempt to have stop signs placed on 11th

slow down the traffic on that section of 11th Street. Traffic Engineering says they studied the

situation and don’t think there is a problem.


Robert Bello announced that the third public meeting is scheduled to discuss the current

trial traffic changes on Central west of 8th

Approximately six board members volunteered to attend and speak in favor of the making the

changes permanent.


There was a consensus to discuss the budget in detail at the June 7 board retreat.

Anna Muller said that Robinson Park (8th

Growers Market in the long run.

Chan Graham has submitted the final report on the County history grant.

Bob Yuhas reminded everyone that Scott Seibel with APD is available to visit homes

and recommend ways to prevent burglaries. Seibel was very thorough at Bob’s house.

Neighbors should still contact Steve Sink about forming neighborhood watches. Both people

can be reached by calling 311.

Miriam Ortiz y Pino solicited suggestions for the next outing of the Downtown

Discovery Club. Susan Deichsel suggested the City’s regular tours of historic buildings.

Dick Deichsel nominated a home at Roma and Kelleher for the next Curb Appeal

award. The house dates from 1887.

Rowan Wymark said that the summer newsletter needs to be in the mail in time to

announce the August 5 Neighborhood Night Out. She solicited articles and recommended that

neighbors join as another way to facilitate communication.

Sandy Gregory has taken on the Care Committee, including the coordination of the

Neighborhood Night Out. She is also interested in communicating with people who are new to

the neighborhood.

A neighbor who lives at 1320 Fruit NW asked why there was no response from DNA

when he sent in his membership dues. Apologies were made and a discussion ensued regarding


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

Respectfully submitted,

David McCain