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One Less Spark Means One Less Wildfire

At its June 10 administrative meeting, the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners voted to put in place a fireworks ban in all wildland areas of the county, including the East Mountains and the bosque. This comes as a result of the continued long term drought that Bernalillo County has been experiencing.

The restrictions ban the use of all fireworks in wildland areas which include unincorporated areas east of Louisiana Boulevard to the west face of the Sandia Mountains and from San Antonio north to the Sandia Pueblo; all of the East Mountain area; north, south and east to the county line; and portions of the unincorporated areas to include the Rio Grande bosque and wildland areas extending 1,000 feet from the outer edge of the bosque.

Also banned are the sale or use of display fireworks. The ban applies to the use of fireworks that shoot higher than 10 feet in the air, have a six foot or larger coverage area, and fireworks that are louder than a cap gun.

The use of ground and hand-held sparkling and smoke device type fireworks are limited to areas that are paved or barren. There should also be a readily accessible source of water (a bucket of water or a hose) for use to extinguish the fireworks.

If an individual is caught with prohibited fireworks, a citation could be issued and the individual may have to appear in court. Violators could be fined up to $1,000 and sentenced to less than one year in jail. If it is determined that the use of fireworks was the cause of a fire that damaged property, the responsible individual may be held liable for those damages.

To report someone using illegal fireworks, call (505)798-7000, or to report a fire call 911.

There is also an open burning ban county-wide that will be in place through mid-September, 2014.

The Bernalillo County Fire Department wants to remind everyone that fire danger is high so remember-one less spark means one less wildfire.

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