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City Councilor Isaac Benton invites you
to a presentation of the completed
Downtown Neighborhoods Area
Traffic Study
When: Thursday, June 5 at 6:00 pm
Where: MRCOG Board Room
(809 Copper Ave. NW)
Why: Public presentation of the completed study and discussion of the process for funding and implementation
of recommendations

If you have questions, please contact
Diane Dolan, Policy Analyst for
City Councilor Isaac Benton, District 2
768-3186 or
The City of Albuquerque approved the Downtown Neighborhood Area (DNA) Sector Development Plan in June 2012. The DNA Sector Plan calls for the City of Albuquerque to initiate a Neighborhood Transportation Study to follow-up on the recommendations presented in the DNA Sector Plan. The scope of this study was to collect data and perform more detailed analysis of those recommendations.
Public input meetings were held in September and December 2012 in order to:
• Receive input from the public on traffic related concerns in the neighborhood;
• Keep the public informed of study progress and involved in the study;
• Provide information about why the study is being conducted;
• Provide information about data that had been identified and evaluated so far.
A draft study with recommendations was completed in 2013. Councilor Benton inherited the project upon being elected to the new District 2 and learned that the project had been abandoned before completion.
Councilor Benton directed that the study be completed and a public meeting be held to present the document to DNA stakeholders. This meeting will also provide an opportunity to discuss the process for funding and implementation of the recommendations.