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Home of the Month

May 2014

We are featuring Glen and Bev Salas’s home at 901 Roma Ave. this month. They were living in Maryland until January 2012 when Glen had an opportunity to continue his career, promoting energy efficiency options for the Department of Energy, in the western region of the U.S. Albuquerque was a natural choice as it is the Land of Enchantment, both sides of Glen’s family live in Belen, and they just loved this house. It’s also been a perfect place for Bev, a political activist and teacher who works to create sustainable communities.

A Doctor William B. Lyons built the adobe home for his future wife, Cory. They married and moved in during September 1882. In addition to having the original deed, plat and a list of all the previous owners, Bev and Glen have a box of letters this couple wrote back and forth while Dr. Lyons built the house, plus more after they were married and settled in. The well-designed original has been expanded and updated over the decades. The last major renovation was done from 2006 to 2011 by a Jamie Day who moved down from Colorado to be near his girlfriend, a student at UNM. He did a masterful job of plaster, tile, and woodwork; utilizing reclaimed wood, light fixtures, cabinets and doors throughout. Bev and Glen have improved its sustainability by xeriscaping, adding water catchment, and solar panels.

Bev and Glen love living in the Downtown area with the architectural diversity of our older homes, and the conveniences of urban living, which include great walkability and excellent town and recreational bicycling.

The Downtown Neighborhoods Association congratulate the Salas’s for choosing the downtown area for this new chapter in their lives, and giving loving care to this treasure that is their home.

Submitted by: Dick Deichsel


The goal of the Curb Appeal Appreciation program is to recognize the efforts of the Downtown Neighborhoods area residents who take pride in their homes and landscapes, plus inspire others to do the same. Look for the “Home of the Month” sign as you walk, bike or drive around our neighborhood. We will recognize businesses as well. You are welcome to nominate your own home or other neighbors as candidates, by calling 796-5436 or e-mail