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The 2014 “Urban Verbs Hip-Hop” digital media workshops are scheduled for April 15-16 and May 30 and May 31 at the county’s Computer Clubhouse. Once again, young people can get the opportunity to mix and produce their own spoken word, poetry and music projects. Space is limited – call (505) 314-0475 to register. Meal are provided.

The Bullying Prevention Program, the Computer Clubhouse, Urban Verbs and the TeenProgram will work to create a digital workshop focused around hip hop using all the elements of special programs. The workshop will work to create a progressive narrative to facilitate the practice of all participants telling their story through writing as a form of love, a form of intelligence and a way of better living. The workshop will accomplish a number of “measurable goals.” * The participants of the workshop will put out at the end of the workshop a “collected works” anthology style chapter book that encompasses the lot of work put together between and by UV and participants of the workshop.
* Participants of the workshop will also engage in Audio Documentation of their work, via our Producer, Diles of Visceral View Entertainment. All participants who want to document their work in audio format will be given the opportunity to do so. The project will end with an audio compilation of all work from the workshop worth of workshops.
Ana-Lisa Montoya Torres
Parks Program Manager
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Albuquerque, NM 87105
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