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Dear Fellow New Mexican,

The wildfire season is here, which means it’s more important than ever for each of us to do our part to protect our communities from unintended fires.

Learning about wildfire danger and being prepared can help reduce the threat of fires to our natural surroundings, our homes, and businesses. This is why I launched the “Wildfire Preparedness & Prevention Resource Center” on my website, which includes prevention tips, best practices to protect homes and businesses, active wildfire information, and more.

The following safety tips can help you get prepared:

Do not use fireworks of any kind.
Use caution and common sense before lighting any fire.
Understand that any fire you create could become a wildfire.
Never, ever leave any fire unattended.
Properly extinguish and discard smoking materials.
Be aware of your surroundings and careful when operating equipment including off road vehicles during periods of dry or hot weather.
Speak up and step in when you see someone in danger of starting a wildfire.
Be prepared for any emergency by putting together a disaster kit and family evacuation plan, and reducing risk of fire catching on your property.

This fire season, let’s make safety a top priority. I look forward to hearing from you on this and other issues important to you and your family.

It is an honor and privilege to serve you in the United States Senate.

Be well and please stay in touch.



United States Senator