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Dear Downtown and Old Town Neighborhood Associations:

I wanted to reach out directly to you, before any more information was made public regarding the 2013 Twinkle Light Parade. Last year a media outlet released the story that the parade was moving to the Nob Hill area, and caught many of the downtown residents by surprise, which was never our intent. Based on a meeting the Cultural Services Department had with RANA following the event, we promised to include you in the decision making process regarding the location of the 2013 event. Our plan had been to come up with 2 different proposals, one Downtown and one in Nob Hill, and give citizens and Neighborhood Associations the chance to give their input, ideas and opinions, then go with the most popular choice.

A recent concern has arisen that is forcing us to rethink that strategy. As many of you know, there is renovation work currently happening at the Albuquerque Convention Center. When phase two begins, there will be significant impact to 3rd St, Marquette Ave, and Tijeras Ave, starting in August of 2013, and extending, possibly, to December of 2014. Many of you who have been involved in the parade know how vital the area surrounding Civic Plaza is to either the end or the beginning of the parade. While the construction company and the Department of Municipal Development cannot say definitively if the road will be open or closed, we cannot plan one of our largest events of the season without full details. Therefore, for 2013, we will be keeping the Twinkle light Parade in Nob Hill. Once the project is completed, and both routes are available to us, we can again open it up to a consensus.

Again, this information is coming to you first, as we did hear your concerns and wanted to address them.

Thank you for your understanding,

Eric Werner

Acting Community Events Division Manager


505-768-2846 (fax)