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From a neighbor at Fruit & Roma

“Last night a thief took my wife’s purse entering the open back door as we watched TV in the front room. Amongst the valuables was her iPhone. As we were filling out a police report the thief turned on the phone making it possible to track (but not unlock). The officer took her iPad with him and was able to locate the guy as we monitored from the iMac. I was even able to make the phone play a sound as the officer drew nearer… a move that apparently did help him to locate the guy exactly. Phone recovered–credit cards, drivers license, expensive wallet, and nice purse still lost. “

UPDATE: The man carrying the phone claimed to have purchased it for $20…. which turned out to be true! Our neighbor (Damian Wilson) noticed a huge footprint outside his back gate, and photographed it. The officer said the print was so big that the person must be around 7′ tall — which turned out to be true! The actual thief was apparently caught in his vehicle which was full of stolen items. Damian is still waiting to see if his wife’s belongings are among them. The photo of the footprint was instrumental in the ID.

Also on 11th St. between Fruit & Roma
Some one went through an unlocked vehicle, pulled out the ash tray, opened the glove compartment. This person also went into an unlocked guest house at the rear of the property and took some coins, opened drawers, closets, etc. This occurred between 11:00 – 12:00 pm.