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As Duke City Wheelmen entered its 4th year of safe cycling advocacy in 2013, we decided to broaden our outreach. To do this, we have added Cycling Skills Clinics to our schedule.

Duke City Wheelmen is proud to present Cycling Skills Clinics, starting May 7, 2013 and running throughout the summer. The three session, 1.5 hour clinics will all start at 1613 Arizona St NE, 6:30 pm. Day of the week and dates depend on which clinic you choose. More information and registration is available at

Each clinic will span three weeks. Every week riders will expand their control over their bike, knowledge of best practices for safety, confidence in traffic, skills necessary around other riders as well as their overall comfort on the bike.

Duke City Wheelmen President Jennifer Buntz will lead these clinics. She combines her own riding experiences, requirements of New Mexico law and knowledge gained as a safe cycling advocate with curriculum points from two of the best recognized authorities on cycling skills: the League of American Bicyclists and USA Cycling. “These clinics are unique because I bring together material from these two organizations as well as my knowledge of what is required of cyclists in New Mexico,” Buntz reports.

Bunts goes on to say, “Clinics are being offered for adults, women only and families. I hope this will enable everyone to find a learning environment that works for them.”

The adage “You never forget how to ride a bike” is generally quite accurate. However, that doesn’t mean that you learned how to ride in the conditions that today’s world presents. There is more motor vehicle traffic and more people are using Albuquerque’s multi-use paths. There are many different kinds of bicycle infrastructure (like bike lanes) that probably weren’t there when you learned how to ride a bike. These clinics are designed to help you make sense out of today’s bicycling environment

What we have added this year are new activities that are aimed at preventing crashes as well as encouraging and supporting more people who want to cycle. DCW will continue to place ghost bikes and remember fallen cyclists through the two memorial rides we promote annually.

The two memorial rides DCW promotes are The Ride of Silence which will take place May 15, 2013 as well as “Can You See Us NOW?” scheduled for September 29, 2013.

For the Ride of Silence, May 15, 2013, sign-up is between 5 and 6 pm at Wilson Park, 1099 San Pedro SE, with the ride starting 6:30 pm. The ride will be 6.4 miles long and proceed at a pace under 12 miles per hour. The Ride of Silence happens on the same date around the world to honor fallen or injured cyclists and to call for increased awareness of cyclists on the road. The ride is free with a $5.00 dollar donation suggested to cover expenses.

Details for all the events that Duke City Wheelmen are sponsoring can be found at

Jennifer Buntz