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Many of you have enjoyed the delicious offerings at Cafe Lush, on the
corner of 7th and Tijeras, the last couple of years. If you haven’t,
you have been missing a great downtown neighborhood eating experience.
Tom Docherty (owner/chef) and Sandy Gregory (owner/manager) started
their restaurant in June of 2011 after deciding they were too poor to
retire and too old to work for anybody else. A friend brought the
location to their attention when it became available for rent. It had
the appeal of being cute and a size that was manageable. They felt
with the combination of Sandy’s business management experience, and
Tom’s local hotel executive chef experience, they had a good chance
making a success of their new adventure. They opened with the intent
to serve the kind of food you would eat at home. Organic and locally
grown is used as much as possible in the preparation of each dish.
Tom even makes their sausage to insure the quality of the ingredients.
You’ll also find “TASTY” gluten free offerings.
If you have something special coming up, i.e. meeting, birthday,
wedding, anniversary, etc., they can cater your event. Give them a
call at 505-508-0164, or check out their website at In the meanwhile stop by, Monday – Friday
7AM-3PM or Saturdays 8AM-1PM, to enjoy a Luscious meal in their
comfortable dining room, or at their outdoor curbside tables.
Tom and Sandy are thrilled with the tremendous support of the
surrounding businesses and residents over the past two years. They
feel the best thing about their location is the neighborhood. The
neighborhood in turn wants to thank them for creating a welcoming,
comfortable place to meet and enjoy a good meal with good service.