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There are several vacancies on the various City of Albuquerque advisory Boards and Commissions. I’m reaching out to the various neighborhood associations in each district to let you know about the positions available, and to ask you to advertise it to your neighborhood. Whether by newsletter, email, or simply word of mouth, please share what positions are open and encourage interested candidates to apply!

Specifically for a District 2 position, there is an Library Board vacancy and a Arts Board vacancy. There are also At-Large vacancies on the Senior Affairs Advisory Board, the Transit Advisory Board, the Advisory Committee on Transit for the Mobility Impaired, and the M.O.V.E. Advisory Board. If you or anyone within your neighborhood network is interested in applying for one of these boards, please visit the below link, click on the applicable board, and follow the “Apply Online” link.

Thank you all for what you do in our community. If you have any questions about City of Albuquerque Boards and Commissions, please do not hesitate to ask!


Delaney Woodward

Boards & Commissions Liaison

Office of Mayor Richard J. Berry

1 Civic Plaza NW 87102