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If you are planning on being away from home this holiday season APD suggests the following:
1. Ask a trusted neighbor to watch your residence and report any suspicious activity.
2. If possible, have a trusted friend of family member stay at your home.
3. Install automatic timers on lights, TV;s and radios to give the impression someone is home
4. Do not have mail and newspaper delivery stopped. This information could fall into the wrong hands. Ask the trusted neighbor to collect them each day.
5. If you have a roll out trash dumpster have a neighbor place it in the street on pick up day and return it that evening.
6. Ask a neighbor to park a vehicle in the driveway whenever possible.
7. Be extra cautious about locking all doors and windows.
8. Make sure trees and shrubs are trimmed to allow for good natural surveillance of your property.
9. Make arrangements to have exterior lights on each night.
10. Each entrance should have solid core or metal doors and deadbolt locks.
11. Let neighbors, family and friends know when you plan to return from a trip.