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Downtown Neighborhoods Association
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Monthly Meeting
December 5, 2012

The December 2012 regular monthly meeting of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association was held at the Harwood Art Center, pursuant to prior approval.
Board members in attendance: Miriam Ortiz y Pino, David McCain, Curtis Hunt, Lindi Anderson, Chan Graham, Rick Miera, Dick Deichsel, Reba Eagles, Holly Siebert and Sue Brych. Five board members were absent. Thirteen other neighbors also attended. Sign in sheets are on file.
Board Chair Reba Eagles called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Introductions were made. The agenda was approved. The November 7 minutes were approved.
Reba Eagles gave the Treasurer’s Report. For the month of November, there was income of $10.35 and no expenses, leaving a November 30 balance of $27,819.36. The report was approved and is on file.

Officer Chris Schroeder of APD reported that there had been only one residential burglary in November. Reba Eagles asked about reports of break-ins in the 1400 block of Fruit. Officer Schroeder was not aware of these but will look into it. He also asked people to not leave empty boxes on porches from Holiday presents, as these are an invitation for burglars.
Finally, Officer Schroeder invited comments for the ongoing Department of Justice study of APD. Remarks can be sent via e-mail to

Vickie Early (with the Santa Barbara/Martineztown Neighborhood Association) introduced Roxanna Meyers who is seeking the mayoral appointment to Debbie O’Malley’s vacant city council seat. Ms. Meyers briefly discussed her qualifications as a Martineztown business owner (Century Sign Builders) and community supporter. Her website is Lindi Anderson asked Ms. Meyers about her position on businesses moving into residential areas and she expressed that she favors mixed areas where businesses provide daytime “eyes on the street” while residents are away from home.

Chan Graham announced that the Budget Committee will meet on Wednesday, December 12, 7:00 p.m. at Jacque Wright’s house, 509 11th NW. This will not be a potluck. Chan described the archive project, for which DNA has been awarded a grant from Bernalillo County. Chan’s memo to the Board (describing conditions of the grant) is on file.
Chan also described the conditions of DNA’s $3000 grant to the Harwood Art Center. The grant is for renovation of the lunchroom and requires Harwood to make a match of at least $3000. The signed contract is on file.

The site for the March annual meeting was discussed. Miriam Ortiz y Pino moved and Dick Deichsel seconded a motion to hold the meeting at the Baptist Church at Fruit and Eighth. The motion was approved. Lindi Anderson announced that Café Lush will cater.

Ric Higginbotham was unable to attend but Reba read a letter from Ric regarding two issues: the first is the provision of a bus stop on Central in DNA as part of the proposed Bus Rapid Transit Project. Ric wants to represent DNA at a meeting on December 13 at the Albuquerque Museum. The second issue is a proposal from the mayor to open up the 4th Street Mall to traffic. Sue Brych moved and David McCain seconded a motion to authorize Ric to represent DNA on both issues. The motion passed.

Sue Brych reported on two zoning issues. The first is a proposal from an Oregon firm, GSL Properties LLC ( GSL is proposing to build a 151-unit apartment complex of Workforce Housing for low-income tenants. The proposed site is the vacant lot at 10th and Central SW where the former motel was torn down. Rick Miera attended a meeting of the Raynolds Neighborhood Association, who want a decision delayed. There was a consensus that Reba will write a letter for the December 11 meeting of the County Commission, requesting a delay. Miriam Ortiz y Pino will attend the meting and deliver DNA’s letter. Plans and drawings for the proposal are on file with DNA.
The second zoning issue involves compliance with the Fourth Ward Historic Overlay Zone for exterior modifications to the proposed restaurant at 1223 Tijeras NW. The current issues before the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission involve only the changes visible from the street, not the use of the building as a restaurant. (As to the zoning issue and use of the building, there was some discussion as to whether a prior approval from some years ago is still valid.) Modifications proposed by architect Lee Gamelsky involve an electric sign, sign placement, and an ADA wheelchair ramp. Miriam Ortiz y Pino suggested that the sign would be less intrusive if it faced Tijeras rather than 13th as proposed. Miriam moved and Holly Siebert seconded a motion that DNA proposes moving the sign. Reba will write a letter to the LUCC for their December 12 meeting.

Lindi Anderson solicited articles for the newsletter, which will be mailed in time to be delivered in the third week of February. Chan Graham will write an article asking for photos and histories for the archive project.

Curtis Hunt announced that 24 people attended the recent meeting for the traffic study. There will be a final meeting in February or March and then the city will adopt the plan. DNA will then have to advocate for implementation of improvements contained in the plan.

Holly Siebert will write an article for the newsletter soliciting ideas for the Care Committee.

Dick Deichsel showed photos of 321 13th NW and 224 14th NW as nominees for the Curb Appeal awards. Several people commented on the lack of greenery at these homes. There was a discussion of standards for the awards, especially the question of whether we are recognizing changes or recognizing homes and businesses which have always been attractive. Neither home was awarded.

Miriam Ortiz y Pino (Projects Committee) is still working on kiosks for Mary Fox Park. She wants to continue monthly dinners or events. The committee is still working on a history project.

Susan Evans announced that the Downtown Action Team will try to make the Growers’ Market into a year-round event, starting Friday and Saturday, December 7 and 8. The event will be on Gold Avenue between First and Second. She will send a flyer to the google group.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55.

Respectfully submitted,
David McCain