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This is a list of all of the short-term and long-term solutions that were presented at the December 4th Traffic Meeting. Short-term solutions are those that could be implemented at little cost. Long-term solutions would require more money, more involvement of other governmental agencies, and more study. If you would like to comment on any of these, please send your comments to Tom Menicucci at, in the next week or two.

From the presentation given by Chris Baca of Vector Engineering at the second public meeting for the DNA Traffic Study on December 4th, 2012. These items are numbered and written exactly as they were presented.
Short Term Solutions

1. Speed hump on 12th Street between Marquette and Roma.
2. Paint white line where parking is allowed on west side of 12th Street.
3. Add 4-way stop sign at 12th/Roma or 12th/Marquette.
4. Marquette between 12th and 14th – Remove double yellow line, allow parking on both sides of Street.
5. Add speed hump on 11th Street at 90 degree corner with Granite.
6. Repair sidewalks on 14th and 15th Streets.
7. Add “No Parking” sign on south side of Roma between 7th and 8th .
8. Add speed limit signs on 7th between Lomas and Mountain.
9. Reclassify Marquette and Tijeras – no longer principal and minor arterials.
10. Delineate allowed parking on Lomas Blvd.
11. Add double yellow center stripe at blind corner of Laguna/Roma.
12. Sign Old Town Road adjacent to Tiguex Park as “One Way”.

Long Term Solutions
1. 12th Street/Mountain – add left turn lanes on 12th Street.
2. 12th/Lomas – add dedicated left turn signal for southbound left during peak times.
3. Bicycle crossing at 14th Street with flashing yellow beacons.
4. Mid-block pedestrian crossing on Lomas at Keleher with crosswalk and yellow beacons.
5. Traffic calming on 12th Street, Marquette, Roma, and Tijeras – bulb-outs, neighborhood signs.
6. Close off 11th Street at Mountain.
7. Study of Lomas – Boulevard concept with trees, parking.
8. Add bike detection at signalized intersections.
9. Delineate allowed parking on Lomas Blvd.