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Downtown Neighborhoods Association
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Monthly Meeting
October 4, 2012

The October 2012 regular monthly meeting of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association was held at the Harwood Art Center, pursuant to prior approval. (Note: By an e-mail consensus of the Board, this meeting was moved from the usual first Wednesday to the first Thursday because most members wanted to watch the October 3 presidential debate.)
Board members in attendance: Miriam Ortiz y Pino, Jacque Wright, David McCain, Reba Eagles, Curtis Hunt, Ric Higginbotham, Bob Yuhas, Lindi Anderson, Chan Graham, Melanie Lewis and Rick Miera. Four board members were absent. Six other neighbors also attended. Sign in sheets are on file.
Acting Board Chair Reba Eagles called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Introductions were made. The agenda was approved with the addition of a presentation by Marshall Kovitz on Albuquerque bike paths. The September 5 minutes were approved.
Jacque Wright gave the Treasurer’s Report. For the month of September, there was no income and $875.59 in expenses, including $421.59 for the Neighborhood Night Out, leaving a September 30 balance of $28,337.15. The report was approved and is on file.

Sergeant Cori Lowe thanked DNA for their $200 donation to Officer Appreciation Day. The bus parked at 11th and Manzano Court is properly licensed and legally parked, so more information is needed to determine if people are living in it. The intersection of 12th and Mountain is a priority for speeding and improper turns. Reba Eagles asked about vehicle noise when drivers are waiting for the light to change on 12th between Lomas and Fruit. Sgt. Lowe said that bicycle officers are aware of the problem.

Katie Richardson (with Representative Martin Heinrich’s office) reminded the meeting about the services that her office can provide. She also solicited names (any age) for an unpaid internship program in the office. Ms. Richardson can be reached at 346-6781 or

Marshall Kovitz is a volunteer with the City. He is researching and writing tour guides for the city’s various bike paths. He asked for a volunteer from DNA to discuss the neighborhood’s history. Anna Muller volunteered.

Chan Graham reviewed the several changes to DNA’s by-laws that he had previously proposed on September 4. The board voted at the September 5 meeting to consider the changes at the October meeting.

Article III, Section 7 formerly read: The DNA shall have three membership categories: Senior Citizens, Regular, and Business or Patron. Rights and voting privileges shall be the same for all three categories. The Board of Directors shall set dues which are payable annually.
After some discussion, the following amended section was moved by David McCain and seconded by Jacque Wright. The substitution was approved: The DNA shall have two membership categories: Household ($15 annual dues) and Business ($25 annual dues). Voting privileges shall be the same for both categories at annual meetings, one vote per membership.

Article IV, Section 4 formerly read in part: The Board of Directors shall serve eventually for a term of two years…. The word “eventually” was only pertinent for the first year of the organization’s existence (1975), until there were staggered terms established and half the board members’ terms expired every two years.
After a brief discussion, Jacque Wright moved and Chan Graham seconded a motion to remove the word “eventually” so that the section now begins: The Board of Directors shall serve for a term of two years….

Article IV, Section 7 formerly read: The Board of Directors shall have regular meetings during the year as it shall determine. In addition, the Board may have special meetings at any time upon the call of a Chair. For purposes of handling zoning issues, the Board Chair may call a special meeting of the Board through e-mail. The recommendations of the zoning committee shall be presented to and may be voted on by Board members by e-mail. The Chair will make every effort to include all of the members of the DNA by e-mailing them notice of the special meeting, but it is the responsibility of DNA members to make sure their e-mail addresses are available and current with the Chair. Only Board members shall vote on the zoning recommendations. The Chair will e-mail the result of the vote after it is counted to the entire Board and DNA members who have provided e-mail addresses. All actions taken on zoning issues through this special meeting process shall be reported to the full Board and incorporated into the minutes of the next regular Board meeting.
E-mail discussions and votes are primarily used for zoning issues in situations where there is a hearing scheduled before DNA’s next regular board meeting. After some discussion, the following substitute section was moved by Chan Graham, seconded by Jacque Wright and approved:
The Board of Directors shall schedule regular meetings for the year.
The Board may also have critical issue meetings by email, at any time upon the call of the Board Chair. Motions and recommendations may be presented to and voted on by Board members on-line. The Chair will make every effort to include all of the DNA membership by e-mailing them notice of the special e-mail meeting. The Chair will e-mail the result of the vote after it is counted to the Board and DNA members who have provided e-mail addresses. All actions taken on issues through this e-mail meeting process shall be reported to the full Board and incorporated into the minutes of the next regular Board meeting.
Article IV, Section 9 formerly read: Any member of the Board of Directors who has two successive absences from regular Board of Directors’ meetings may be replaced and notified in writing of the replacement.
David McCain moved and Jacque Wright seconded the following substitution, which was approved. The only change is the addition of the word “unexcused”: Any member of the Board of Directors who has two successive unexcused absences from regular Board of Directors’ meetings may be replaced and notified in writing of the replacement.
Miriam Ortiz y Pino said that the description of DNA’s boundaries in the by-laws do not match the map on the web site.

Jacque Wright moved and David McCain seconded a motion to elect Reba Eagles as chair and Sue Brych as vice-chair. The motion was approved.
There is a consensus to revise DNA’s mission statement, and many proposals have been made by e-mail in the past few weeks. There was a discussion regarding whether only board members should vote or all residents should vote in some way. Reba Eagles said that if residents are voting, then we need to put the proposal on the web site and ask for comments. Chan Graham said that a mission statement is like a logo in that it gives a first impression of the organization. There was a discussion of how general or specific the statement should be. Lindi Anderson wants the revised statement on the masthead of the newsletter. Miriam Ortiz y Pino asked if the board should have a separate statement from the organization. Ric Higginbotham, Lindi and Chan all agreed that it should be kept simple. Jacque Wright moved and Miriam Ortiz y Pino seconded a motion to present options in the February newsletter and solicit comments. The motion passed.

Ric Higginbotham read a letter that he received from the Raynolds Neighborhood Association protesting the City’s decision to move the Twinkle Light Parade to Nob Hill. Anna Muller said the decision is final for 2012 but the parade may be moved back downtown in the future. Rick Miera said that both the Huning Castle and West Park associations want the event moved back. A motion was passed to authorize Ric to send a similar letter to the City from DNA.

Rick Miera reviewed plans for the annual Halloween celebration on Forrester. The street will be blocked off from vehicles. He solicited volunteers to help with the crowds and asked for donations of nontraditional “treats “ like books and toothbrushes. David McCain moved and Chan Graham seconded a motion to donate $500 for the event, the same amount as last year.

Reba Eagles distributed a flyer with the eight addresses of the Downtown Neighborhood Yard sale on October 5 and 6.

Lindi Anderson announced a mid-January deadline for submissions for the February newsletter. She solicited articles. We will mail the newsletters this time.

Jacque Wright announced that DNA has been notified of zoning applications for townhouse projects on Silver near Second and on Third near Lead. Both projects are outside the boundaries of DNA. No action was taken.

Curtis Hunt said that 60 people attended the Traffic Plan open house meeting on September 15. All comments were recorded and a preliminary report will be drafted. Curtis will announce the next meeting with Vector Consultants.

Chan Graham reported that the Budget Committee met on September 25. The committee decided not to pursue liability insurance. He wants to pursue one of the County Neighborhood Outreach grants. The committee wants DNA’s proposal to be a neighborhood history project, including maps and tours. The committee will meet again on Wednesday, October 17. Chan will send out notices.

Bob Yuhas reported that the Safety Committee is awaiting an update on the roster of block captains and the status of blocks.

Reba Eagles reported for the Care Committee that we know of two illnesses and one birth in the neighborhood.

Susan Deichsel announced that 310 13th NW has received the Curb Appeal award. She also encouraged people to try Robin’s Kitchen in the Harwood Art Center.

Miriam Ortiz y Pino thanked Melanie Lewis for helping the Project Committee by sending out cards (with pictures) to neighbors who are caring for recently planted trees. Miriam has not heard from the sign company. The “plaza to plaza” tour of Downtown and Old Town went well. Gabe Campos is working on a neighborhood history.

Chan Graham (for the Budget Committee) suggested that DNA consider a large donation to Harwood for repairs to the building, especially the south meeting room. DNA donated $2000 two years ago. Chan will speak with Harwood staff regarding the facility’s needs and the possibility of Harwood matching a DNA grant.

Jacque Wright announced that the City crime map is now available on DNA’s web site (

Ric Higginbotham reported that Lew Wallace School is interested in further cooperation with DNA. There may be a meeting space available at the school. He will explore further. Anna Muller said that Hotel Blue has volunteered to make a room available for our meetings.

Melanie Lewis brought up the issue of landscaping that she had previously brought up in an e-mail. The property is at 11th and Orchard, across from Lowe’s new landscaping. But since the owner of the property will not agree to maintain any landscaping, there was a consensus to not pursue landscaping on this site.

Susan Deichsel announced that Lowe’s grand opening is temporarily on hold.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
David McCain