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The Board of Directors of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association (DNA) is committed to preserving the residential atmosphere of our neighborhood. There are several historic homes in the neighborhood which are currently being used as 100% office space. Most of our neighborhood is zoned for 50% home office use. With an emphasis on “home” first, “office” second. Many residents in this neighborhood operate home-based businesses. This is completely legal. What the DNA opposes is the loss of historic homes to 100% office usage.

The DNA recently opposed the request by the owner of 1100 Tijeras NW to convert to 100% office. That request was denied, but the property owner is appealing this decision. Conversion to 100% office will affect many residences on the two block stretch of Tijeras between 10th St. & 12th St. One of the amendments to the Sector Development Plan endeavors to keep this stretch of Tijeras residential in nature. There is ample commercial office space available downtown. It undermines the residential quality of the Downtown Neighborhood to have some of our finest historic homes used for offices.

If you wish the support the DNA in their opposition to the zoning change for 1100 Tijeras N.W. please send a letter referencing file # 1009078 to:

City of Albuquerque, Board of Appeals,Attn: Miss Nolean Smith
600 2nd Street N.W. – Third Floor
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Letters must be recieved by March 15 to be included in record.

The hearing is March 27 , 2012@ 9:00 600 Second St. Basement level