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When you walk or drive on Fruit Avenue between Keleher and Luna, it’s difficult not to notice we have a sculptor living in our midst. This month we would like to recognize 905 Fruit Avenue NW, owned by Joe Sackett and Karen Meyers. They have lived in the downtown area for many years. Their attraction to the area was a combination of its history, the eclectic nature and style of the houses, plus the walkability of the neighborhood. Their home is a bungalow built in 1930, that was constructed with Terrones, which is an adobe material found near the river, and cut into blocks with roots already growing through them for binding. Since buying their home in the middle eighties, they have done extensive upgrading to the original structure, plus the construction of a 1700 square foot addition in 1999 that includes an office space, family room, Joe’s sculpture studio, and a beautiful master bedroom suite upstairs. The original house and the addition form a “U” on the lot, which has created a very private and comfortable patio area in the middle. Adding to the home’s curb appeal are examples of Joe’s sculptures in the landscape. Go to his website at for his bio and other examples of his art.
The Downtown Neighborhoods Association thanks Joe and Karen for the pride and care they have taken with their home, and our community.