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The City of Albuquerque Cultural Services Department is aware of the National Endowment for the Arts 2012 Our Town grant requirements. The Cultural Services Department will entertain proposals by Albuquerque non-profit 501(c)3 arts organizations to partner on a single grant application that:

1) considers the mission and purpose of the Cultural Services Department which is as follows:

The mission of the Cultural Services Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City by celebrating Albuquerque’s unique history and culture, and providing services, entertainment, programs and collections that improve literacy, economic vitality and learning in state of the art facilities that enrich city life and increase tourism to Albuquerque and,

2) meets the criteria of the NEA Our Town project proposal as described in detail here.

Arts organizations interested in partnering with the city’s Cultural Services Department should submit a 1-2 page Statement of Interest by noon on Friday February 10, 2012 which describes 1) a brief overview of the proposed project, 2) how the project meets the Our Town grant requirements, 3) how the project meets the Cultural Services Department mission, and 4) the exact level of city partnership expectation by the arts organization, monetary or otherwise.

By submitting a Statement of Interest to the city, the arts organization acknowledges that, if selected, they will be the official applicant (lead applicant) for the NEA grant. The city will provide the required formal letter of endorsement by the highest ranking official. All other application requirements will be provided by the arts organization.

Statements of Interest must be submitted via e-mail to by 12:00 noon on Friday, February 10, 2012.

Statements of Interest will be reviewed by the Cultural Services Department Directors, who will issue a final decision on Monday, February 13th.
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