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On Wednesday, November 9, 2011, FEMA, DHS and FCC will conduct the first national test of the Nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) test. This nationwide test will kick off at 2:00 p.m. EST (12 noon in Albuquerque) and run concurrently across all time zones.

This system test is the first of its kind designed to broadcast a nationwide message to the American public. In the history of the country, nothing like it has been conducted on such a level. As you may be aware, there have been tests in the past, but not of this magnitude encompassing all regions of the Nation simultaneously. The three (3) minute test will run concurrently on all radio and TV band stations exceeding the previous messages broadcast which were anywhere from a 30 second to 1 minute message.

There is great concern in local police and emergency management circles about undue public anxiety over this test. The test message on TV might not indicate that it is just a test. Fear is that the lack of an explanation regarding the message might create panic. Please share this information with your family and friends so they are aware of the test.

Please be sure everyone is aware of this test Wednesday, November 9th. We don’t want folks to get alarmed unnecessarily. Preparation is key to an effective response should it be needed. You could use the test to think through your actions in the event of an emergency, both local to the building and more widespread in the community. If an alert sounded would you have what you need to be effective? Is there contact information you need to gather? Could you shelter at the RO for an extended period of time if needed? Does your family have a plan for reconnecting if roads are closed, etc.

The test focuses on getting the word out about a situation. Are you prepared to deal with it?

Jami L. Anzalone
Detailed Regional Safety & Health Manager Regional Aviation Safety Manager Southwestern Region
(505) 842-3351 office
(505) 362-7024 cell