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It appears that the USPS does plan to close the “Old Albuquerque Station” on Rio Grande near San Pasquale, and to leave open the “Old Town Plaza” post office. (These are the official names of the two post offices.)

The proper way to contest this is to write a letter or send a survey from the post office to the following:

Mike Sarter
4949 E. Van Buren St.
Phoenix, AZ 85026-9998

The address given to us by a postal employee at the Old Albuquerque Station was not the correct one, unless this reaches the appeal stage. So if you sent a letter or email previously, you need to send another. They want to know SPECIFIC opinions and information, such as reasons why you would have trouble using alternative post offices (perhaps parking problems?).

It is necessary to send this in the mail as opposed to sending an email. I believe the deadline is November 1st.

We need to inundate them with letters to keep this post office open. Please help!