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September 2011

This month’s residence is 504 Luna NW. Steven Littlejohn and Karen Foss left their teaching positions at Humbolt State University in grey, rainy northern California to start new teaching careers at UNM in sunny Albuquerque, NM. Karen is still a professor at UNM, while Steven is now a visiting lecturer, in addition to doing his mediation and facilitation work. They moved from their first home in the North East Heights to this one in 1999 to be closer to work, and the convenience of urban living. This home was built in 1920, is in a great location, and was once a birthing center. They have done a lot of improvement inside and out over the years. Originally, the landscape was lawn, which has been converted to a low water usage xerascape on a timer drip system.

We’re glad that Steven and Karen made the choice to move downtown twelve years ago, have taken loving pride in their historic home, and have been an asset to our neighborhood. Your Downtown Neighborhoods association thanks you.


Have you noticed there is a new restaurant opened last month called ‘Pasion’, in what used to be Capo’s at 722 Lomas Blvd. NW. The chef, Elvis Bencomo, developed an immense passion for food when he began cooking years ago. His knowledge was enhanced by attending the culinary program at CNM, and working in restaurants. From this grew a passion to have his own restaurant to express unique ideas in the kitchen, fusing techniques and ingredients found throughout Latin America, with his own modern twist. The idea for Pasion Latin Fusion was born, and the restaurant opened with the help of his co-owners, wife Monica and brother Orlando.

Their mission is to serve delicious fresh food, utilizing locally grown meat and produce as much as possible. They have a winner with their unique fused food and drinks created “con mucho Pasion”, a cheery staff, all wrapped in a comfortable atmosphere. Check their website