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This month’s residence is 611 13th Street NW. Jeff lost his job in Dallas due to the .com bust. He moved to Albuquerque in 2002 to join resources with his brother, and lived in the North Valley. After Jeff got steady employment, he started looking to buy his own home. He viewed more than thirty homes in the North Valley, Nob Hill, and the Down Town areas before buying this home on 13th Street in July of 2007. Besides liking the neighborhood, he liked the home’s architecture, and felt it

afforded him the most home for his investment at the time. Over the past four years, Jeff has upgraded the plumbing and electrical, and has also done a great deal of cosmetic work to the interior. Last year he turned his energy to landscaping his front yard. Other than having the irrigation system professionally installed, Jeff did the design, preparation, and planting himself.

His latest upgrade was replacing the rickety fence, along the alley of his back yard, with a very nice block wall. We neighbors who remember what it looked like before he bought it, applaud Jeff for the improvements he has made on his home.

The goal of the Curb Appeal Appreciation program is to recognize the efforts of Down Town Neighborhoods area residents who take pride in their homes and landscapes, and to inspire others to do the same. Look for the “Home of the Month” sign as you walk, bike or drive around your neighborhood. Businesses will be featured as well. You are welcome to nominate your own or other neighbors properties as candidates, by calling 796-5436 or e-mail
Dick Deichsel