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Look for the new trees in our neighborhood!  The DNA allocated $2000.00 for a 2011 Tree Planting Project.  We contracted with R. Scott Carlson & Assoc.  who procured the trees from Santa Ana Nursery and is installing them.  The DNA donated 20 trees to neighborhood residents and an additional 10-20 trees are being purchased by other residents.  The two species which were available this year are Honey Locust and New Mexico Locust.

The following fruit trees are also available from R. Scott Carlson & Assoc.  These trees are grown in Truchas  by Tooley’s Trees and are well adapted to our climate.  They are available for $55.00 each installed.  Descriptions are available at  Please contact Scott Carlson at 321-7629 if you are interested in purchasing any of these trees.

4     Zephyr Nectarine

2     Sugar Giant White Peach

4     Akero Apple

4     Ribston Pippin Apple

4     Northern Spy Apple

4     Pitmaston Pineapple Apple

4    Canadian Strawberry Apple

4    Ashmead’s Kernal Apple

4    Bramley Apple

2    Quercus gambelli (Gamble Oak) 15 gallon rootmaker bag   $200.00 each installed

12   Quercus viriniana var fusiformis (Escarpment Live Oak)  15 gal. 24” & 30” box

12    Shademaster Honeylocust  15 gal.  $150.00 each installed

3    Robinia pseudoacacia  (Black Locust) 5 gal.  $55.00 each installed

Robinia neomexicana NM Locust  15 gal. installed

6     Nanking Cherries  $75.00 each installed

4     Wild Plum    $75.00 each installed