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A DNA Neighborhood Watch Program meeting was held on April 9, 2011 at the Hotel Blue. The purpose of this meeting was to re-establish the DNA Safety Committee membership and to expand the Neighborhood Watch Program for our area.

Thanks to Yvette Garcia and Steve Lowell (from the APD) who gave an excellent presentation, to Steve Sink (from the APD) for supplying an informative set of handouts, and finally to Sunil Thapa (Manager of the Hotel Blue) who very graciously provided the meeting room.

Attendees were: Lindi Anderson, Steve Anderson, Dick Deichsel, Susan Deichsel, David McCain, Connie Moore, James Telles, and Bob Yuhas.

Meeting Activities:
1. Yvette and Steve gave an excellent presentation of the Neighborhood Watch Program. The main points are covered in the attachment to this E-Mail.

2. The presentation was very educational and intermixed with question and answer periods throughout the presentation.

3. Additional information was supplied such as how to research your area for recent criminal activity, as well as details on an upcoming “Crime Prevention Association Conference”, (contact Mary Lee Martin, 298-2513 for details on the latter).

Follow-on Activities:
1. Research what blocks in the DNA have an active Neighborhood Watch Program.

2. Recruit Safety Committee Members, potential Block Captains, and people who are willing to be a part of the Neighborhood Watch Program.

3. Design a communication method between the “Blocks” within the DNA, and between adjacent neighborhoods to improve the overall safety of our area.

Between now and the next Board Meeting Bob Yuhas will pursue these “Follow-on Activities”.

Next Actions: At our next Board Meeting we will be looking for comments and people who would be willing to participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program. It takes all our efforts to make our neighborhood safe.

PS: If you are interested in being a Block Captain or just participating in the program please RSVP Bob Yuhas: by phone at, 505.710.7540, or by E-Mail at “”