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For the residence of the month, we would like to recognize 801 14th St. NW.

Mike and Margaret Connealy moved back to Albuquerque after having lived in the country near Hatch for about thirteen years. They lived on 11th Street just north of Mountain for three years, and have recently bought, moved and are settling into their newly renovated home on the northwest corner of 14th and Granite.

Most of us in the neighborhood remember the run down state of this home when it was a rental, with paint peeling off the exterior, broken windows, and a weed infested yard. Arlan Kamotra of Marquise Construction, and John Brown of Laguna Homes teamed up to buy this run down property, rehab and resell it. The end result is what you see in the photo below, after working on it night and day, inside and out, for more than four months. This is the first home they have worked on in downtown Albuquerque, after mostly focusing on areas in the North East Heights. A first for them was being brought lunches, and an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner by the neighbors. They felt this really tells you something about the community, and are looking forward to working on other homes in the area.

The goal of the Curb Appeal Appreciation program is to recognize the efforts of Down Town Neighborhoods area residents who take pride in their homes and landscapes, and to inspire others to do the same. Look for the “Home of the Month” sign as you walk, bike or drive around your neighborhood. There will be businesses recognized as well. You are welcome to nominate your own or other neighbors as candidates, by calling 796-5436 or e-mail