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The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Neighborhoods Association took place at Harwood Arts Center, 1114 7th St. NW, Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 7:00 PM pursuant to prior approval. Board members in attendance: Lindi Anderson, Robert Bello, Sue Brych, Jennifer deGarmo, Dick Deichsel, David McCain, Rick Miera, Miriam Ortiz Y Pino, Holly Siebert, Jacque Wright and Bob Yuhas. (11) Board Members not in attendance: (2)

Other neighbors present: Marilyn Bowman, Jim Clark, Lee Gamelsky, Officer Knowles-APD, Bernadette Miera-BCG, Officer Seidel-APD, Peter Siebert, Karen Taylor and Rowan Wymack. (9)

DNA Board Chair, Jennifer deGarmo, called the meeting to order. A quorum was present, the meeting duly convened, and ready to proceed with business. After introductions, the Board made additions, then approved this meeting’s agenda, and approved the minutes from the November meeting as presented.

Treasurer’s Report – Jacque Wright
The beginning balance as $18,208.65. A $150.00 Movie Location contribution was deposited and there were no disbursements, leaving an ending balance of $18358.65.

Police Report – Officers Knowles and Seidel were present.
Officer Knowles offered there was no police report and ask the Board and guests to talk about any incidents or concerns. Jim Clark said he has noticed more police vehicles on 11th Street, and expressed his appreciation for the added patrols. Sue Brych sited an incident where a woman died, her son found her and called 911. After their arrival, the officers were making inappropriate remarks, upsetting the son. Officer Knowles apologized for the officers insensitivity, and said he would report the incident to Central Command. Rowan Wymack said a locally known drug dealer, who was driving an expensive car, and is now driving a new expensive car has been parking in her neighborhood. Officer Knowles advised she should call 242-cops and give a description of the individual(s), a description of the vehicle and license plate number. Patrols will be able to identify and track the activity of this individual for possible future arrest(s). Jennifer deGarmo said there was vandalism to homes while neighbors were away for
Thanksgiving. She asked the officers if there were preventative measures they could do while away during the upcoming Christmas Holidays. Officer Knowles advised that residents go to the APD station at 2nd and Montano to file a vacation check for the dates
they’ll be away. Patrol officers will make extra checks on those streets and homes during those dates.

News Letter Update – Lindi Anderson
E-mail News Letter articles to Laura Bruzzese by the end of December. Lindi will check to see if Lew Wallace school has a room available for the March annual meeting.

Neighborhood Signs – David McCain
Funding has been approved for two new signs to be installed in the median on Lomas Blvd. at 6th and 19th Streets. The print may be too small with the text submitted Reviewing the proof will determine if the print size is OK, or if some text needs to be deleted.

Mary Fox Trash Can Receptacles – Dick Deichsel
Rick Miera forwarded an e-mail he received from the City Parks Dept. that theyhad the receptacles and would have them installed on Monday or Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. They have not been installed. Rick said he would check with the City to get a status report.

Curb Appeal Program – Dick Deichsel
A flier featuring a similar program sponsored by the Town of Bernalillo was passed around. Stubblefiled signs quoted a a cost of $65.00 for a smaller (18” X 24”) realtor type sign to use for featured businesses. Dick D. asked for approval to purchase the sign. A motion was floored, 2nd and passed.

Bernalillo County Grants – Bernadette Miera
$100,000 of grant money per year is available from the County for neighborhood associations. There are two solicitations available per year. The next one is March 2011, and is open for 30 days. The Association has to request a packet, and submit within the 30 days to be eligible for consideration. The funds can be used for the development of a new association and for association projects. The grants range from small $1-3K on up to $5-10k. The larger grants require a fiscal sponsor and quarterly reporting of expenditures. One half of the grant money is awarded up front, then upon submitting receipts, the balance is released.

1. Architect, Lee Gamelsky presented a three, two story townhouse unit project his firm is designing for a lot at 510 8th St. NW. The side of the larger unit will face 8th St., with the front of all units facing the south side of the lot, and have garages off the alley on the north. The units will be a 1269 sf, 2br. w/2 car garage along 8th St., the middle, 853 sf, 1br single car garage, and a 1075 sf,
1br single car garage. He will be asking for six variances: 2 for parking, 3 for set backs, and 1 for wall height along 8th Street. Board response to the design was favorable with some concern about the wall along 8th St. and the lack of windows on the unit side facing 8th St. Suggestions were made to modulate the wall, or install glass blocks or tiles to decorate the wall, have a gate one could
see into the front yards of the units, and an additional gate for the side yard of the unit facing 8th. Mr. Gamelsky made note of the suggestions.and said he would work on the design of the wall. He pointed out there were 5 windows on the up stairs wall design of the unit facing 8th St. not reflected in the rendering. He had not advised the neighbors on 8th St. of the design. Robert Bello said he
would make up a flier and deliver them to the neighbors next week.

2. The owners of 317 & 319 16th Street want to change their zoning from SU1 for their Bed & Breakfast to SU2 to give them more flexibility for their property. There was concern that the implementation of the Sector Plan Update zoning changes could give them a zoning they didn’t want. Robert Bello said he would contact the owners to find out specifically what they want to do, and Jennifer
deGarmo said she would contact Petra Morris at the City to find out what she had suggested to the owners and ascertain the zoning that would work best for them.

3. The EPC Hearing on December 2nd. will be open to hear comments from the community. There will be about two more months to submit written comments. Jim Clark and Jennifer deGarmo will review the SPU draft, and review areas of concern with the DNA Board at a future meeting before submitting DNA comments to the EPC.

With no remaining business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.
Respectfully submitted – Dick Deichsel – Secretary