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We all celebrate the Holidays in different ways. Some have fun decorating their homes and businesses for their own enjoyment and share that joy with others.

First, let’s recognize Judy Talley and Steven Sacks at 609 11th St. NW. They bought this home in October 2005, but have loved working and living in the down town area for many years. Judy’s parents started the tradition in their family of decorating their home for the Holidays, both inside and outside. Her mom would say, decorating inside is for you, but decorating outside is saying Merry Christmas to your neighborhood, and offering a Christmas blessing. Judy has continued her family’s tradition in a big way. Thank you Judy and Steven for sharing your joy with the neighborhood.

Next, let’s recognize a business that is about to celebrate it’s first anniversary next month. It is the Cocina Azul at 1134 Mountain Rd. Frank and Evelyn Barela had been in the restaurant business some 30 years ago, but Frank became a building contractor and wanted to focus all his energy on residential and business construction. After a successful run for many years, the latest downturn in the economy had taken it’s toll on his business. Frank loves to cook and has some great recipes, so the natural decision was to open another restaurant. Cocina Azul is open from 8AM to 8PM seven days a week, serving breakfast until 11AM, Burgers, and Platos De Nuevo Mexico. Also, you can enjoy Marble Brewery beer or a selection of New Mexico Tea Company teas with your meal. Self Service Catering is available for those who want to serve tasty fair for larger groups at home. You can’t miss the trees wrapped blue and white lights on the corner of 12th Street and Mountain Rd. Thank you Frank and Evelyn for lighting up our neighborhood.