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Many people take pride in the appearance of their properties in the Down Town Neighborhoods area. They invest resources of their time and money in improving and maintaining the looks of their structures and landscapes. Understanding that we all benefit from their efforts, the Down Town Neighborhoods Association Board would like to say thanks by featuring one residence and business.

For the residence this month, we would like to recognize 905 8th St. NW. After tour in the US Army, Roger Marston moved to Albuquerque to do his graduate work at UNM. He bought his 1908 Queen Ann cottage in 1985, because he liked it’s location and pedestrian orientation. It was built with penitentiary brick made at the NM State prison south of Santa Fe. The structure creates it’s own set of challenges, from the foundation, mortar, to the stucco, because of the very soft nature of the brick. Roger calls it his hobby house, because it’s been in a continuos state of rehab over the decades with the help of professionals and friends. He has had help with the design, installation and maintenance of his landscape from R. Scott Carlson and Associates. Our DNA neighbors appreciate the pride and efforts invested in this home. Thank you Roger Marston.

For the business this month, we would like to recognize the La Casita Bed and Breakfast at 319 16th St. NW. Bill Davis and Joseph Hoffman bought the property in 2004, which had been previously used as a quilting and frame shop. Bill and Joseph did mostly cosmetic work to the structure with the intent of converting it to a B & B. They installed and maintain the landscape themselves. They also have a two bedroom, one and a half bath condo on Mountain to accommodate traveling families. With our smaller homes in the downtown area, this is a wonderful, convenient place for our family and guests to stay during their visits. Check out their website at Our DNA neighbors appreciate the pride and efforts Bill and Joseph have invested in their home, business and the neighborood. Thank you.