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Thanks to everyone for attending the open house on the 25th of September. We received useful and constructive feedback on the draft Downtown Neighborhood Area Sector Development Plan. The meeting summary is posted on both of the City’s websites:

We are in the process of making revisions to the Sector Plan in preparation for submittal of the Draft Plan to the EPC on October 28th. The draft to be submitted to the EPC will be available on the above websites on October 28th. The EPC public hearing will be on December 2nd at Plaza del Sol. However, the hearing date, time and location are subject to confirmation, so please stay tuned. The EPC hearing will be just the first step in the formal public review process; you will have several opportunities to submit written comments. The EPC generally holds two public hearings before sending their recommendations to City Council. Once the City Council receives the EPC recommendations from the City administration, a request for adoption will be introduced at a City Council hearing and then scheduled for study at the City Council Land Use Planning and Zoning Committee. After LUPZ the plan will move on to City Council for adoption. The draft plan will not be finalized until approved by Council.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about the draft plan.
Kind regards,

Petra Morris
Long Range Planning Division
City of Albuquerque Planning Department
600 Second Street NW, 3rd Floor
Albuquerque NM 87102
505-924-3339 fax