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January Minutes – January 6, 2010

The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association took place at Harwood Arts Center, 1114 7th St. NW, Wednesday, Jan 6, 2010 at 7:00 PM pursuant to prior approval.             Board members in attendance: Lindi Anderson, Robert Bello, Laura Bruzzese, Sue Byrch, Gabe Campos, Jim Clark, Dick Deichsel, Reba Eagles, David Keleher, David McCain, Jacque Wright, and Bob Yuhas. (12)

Board Members not in attendance: (2)

Other neighbors present: Jon Anderson & Laura Daby, Marilyn Bowman, Susan Deichsel, Sgt. Paul Duran, Jacqueline Guilbault, Anna Muller, Karen Taylor, and Pat Weston.

Chair Jim Clark, called the meeting to order.  A quorum was present, the meeting duly convened, and ready to proceed with business.  After introductions, the Board approved the agenda and minutes from the December Board of Directors Meeting as presented.

Treasurer’s Report

Jim Clark submitted the treasurer’s report for December 2009.  Beginning balance was $9,222.62.  Membership dues of $60.00 and Business Membership dues of $90 for a total of $150.00 were deposited.  The month-end balance was $9,372.62.

Police Report

Sgt. Paul Duran was present to represent the APD.  The Valley area Command worked on food and toy drives in December as well as continuing the Central Ave. focus.  Overall, crime was very quite in December.  Sgt. Duran mentioned in December to e-mail him directly,, with information or concerns.

Zoning and Development Actions

1.     1216 (1200) Lomas NW Townhouse DevelopmentConrad Skinner Presentation was cancelled.  ZHE Hearing was moved from January 19th to A February date to be announced.  Three guests made comments for the DNA Board to not approve this project.

a.     Karen Taylor, neighbor next lot south of project, read statement of numerous points on how the proposed structure would negatively affect her property.

b.     Robert Gorman, owner of commercial property north, across Lomas Blvd., stated reasons the project would impact the neighborhood adversely

c.     Pat Weston, neighbor across 12th St. expressed concerns there wasn’t enough parking, and access wasn’t safe for residents or emergency vehicles.

2.     908  Roma NW,  Anderson Residence – Jon Anderson did an initial presentation for his new personal residence.

This project involves the tearing down of an existing converted garage, and replacing it with a new, two story 2000 sq’ residence.  Mr. Anderson presented floor plan, proposed exterior materials, and artist conception of view of residence from the street.  No set- back or height variances were requested.  The Board and guests engaged in lively discussion after Mr. Anderson left.  A motion was passed for the Zoning Chair to send Board Members an e-mail regarding this project, and for Board Members to respond with their vote within 72 hours.

3. Zoning – Robert Bello

924 Forrester – windows approved

1113 Roma    – windows approved

601 11th St.     – arbor red tagged for being too high. Owner has removed, and is applying for approval.


1. Sector Plan Meetings

a. Next Committee Meeting is Weds. Jan. 13th @ 5:30PM at the Consensus Planning office – 302 8th St. NW.

b. A Sector Plan Presentation by Consensus Planning is on Saturday January 16th, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at Hotel Blue – 717 Central Ave. NW.  Public invited.

2. Home Tour Meeting

a. At Reba Eagles home – 610 11th St NW on Tues., Jan.19th @ 6 pm. –  Potluck. e-mail Reba – if you have any questions.

b. Anyone interested in working on this important committee, please contact:

Lindi Anderson – e-mail

Jacque Wright   – e-mail

3. Board-Member Nomination

Jennifer Degarmo nominated Rick Miera for the open DNA Board position.  Board members questioned if there is a conflict of interest with Rick holding a Board               position, being a NM State Representative.  Neither Jennifer or Rick were present.  The Board Chair suggested, and the Board agreed, to defer any nominations until         the DNA Annual Meeting.

4. Chair Jim Clark, talked about the improvements in communication that had recently been approved by the Board for the presentation of proposed             projects.  To further improve this process, he posed a couple of questions. 1. What is our job as a Board?  2. Should we have a check list to work from.  Gabe Campos said he had started one some time ago and would e-mail it to the Board for consideration.  Laura Bruzzese suggested setting up a Blog for more efficient communication.  It would eliminate the multiple e-mails going back and forth.  The Board agreed this would help, and Jacque Wright said she would try to have it set up by the February meeting.

5. Articles for the next News Letter need to be sent to Laura Bruzzese by February 1st.  Laura’s e-mail is


With no remaining business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned @9:07pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dick Deichsel