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Downtown Neighborhood Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

November 5, 2008

The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association took place at Harwood Arts Center, 1114 7th St. NW, Wednesday, November 5, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. pursuant to prior approval.

Board members in attendance: Robert Bello, Sue Byrch, Sandy Gregory, David Keleher, Jacque Wright, Ivan Alley, Jim Clark, Bob Yuhas, Gabe Campos, Lindi Anderson (10)

Board members not in attendance:  Carol Giannini, Terry Brunner, George Kraehe, Jennifer DeGarmo, Laura Bruzzese (5)

Other Neighbors present: Jacqueline Guilbault, Dick & Susan Diechsel, Russel

Jim Clark, serving in the role of acting Chair, called the meeting to order.  A quorum was present, the meeting duly convened, and ready to proceed with business.  After introductions, a motion to approve the agenda was made with the following additional agenda item:  Report on Halloween events on Forrester.  Motion to approve agenda was seconded, and passed unanimously.  Minutes from September meeting were approved with minor modifications.


Jim Clark submitted a financial report for October 1 to October 31. The Treasurer’s Report was approved as submitted.

Police and Safety Report

No representative present.  Ivan Alley reminds everyone that he meets with people in Robinson Park weekly to discuss safety issues.

Tree planting report

Gabe campos went over the items mentioned in the recent email detailing the options and specifics involved.  Board members agreed that each will be responsible for the identification of at least one potential site.

Bulb planting report

Sue Byrch conveys that all went well except that there are some bulbs left over.  Carol and Sandy each have the remaining bulbs.


Robert Bello made the Zoning Committee report.  According to last month’s approval from the Board that the Committee Chair send out brief descriptions not only of notices of application for special exception or LUCC hearings, but also of LUCC administrative approvals, Robert send emails requesting votes.  Response was far less than meeting a quorum.   Procedure was fine-tuned to include a required response time of 1 week unless otherwise notified.  Late votes will be tallied as non-votes.

Facilitated meetings will be scheduled for 711 16th st. and for 1111 Fruit, preferably on a Saturday morning.  DNA will support Wells Park Neighborhood Association in its actions regarding application for conditional use for 1101 Forrester.

DNA is second in line to begin the process of rewriting sector development plan.

Franchini appealed the decision to disallow conditional use at 1005 5th st.  Hearing is set for 25 November.

Halloween festivities on Forrester

Owners of the 35 homes along Forrester thank DNA for $1000 worth of candy and toothbrushes.  Sandy recommends we consider books or other enriching treats for subsequent years.

New Business

Ivan will head up producing and delivering a newsletter by December 1, with a submission deadline of November 15 for articles, ads, announcements, etc.

Reminder of upcoming meeting on 12/01/08.

With no remaining business to address, meeting adjourned shortly before 9:00.

Respectfully submitted,

David Keleher