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Our State Legislators, have secured funds to provide the Downtown Neighborhood with some new trees.  These trees will be planted in the public right-of-way between the street and sidewalk.  The site needs to be irrigated and the home owner must agree to care for the tree.  These trees come in 15-25 gallon containers and will be planted by a private contractor.  If you have recommendations for locations for these trees please contact Gabe Campos at Nicholas Kuhn who is the Urban Forester, made the following tree species recommendations:

Tree species

Large Shade trees – Lacebark Elm, Bur Oak, Arizona Sycamore, Zelkova,

Medium Shade trees – Shumard Oak, Honey Locust, Ash, Gambel Oak, Linden, Hackberry

Ornamental – Crabapple, Crape Myrtle, Tree Lilac, Western Redbud, Shantung Maple