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Downtown Neighborhood Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

December 01, 2008

The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association took place at Harwood Arts Center, 1114 7th St. NW, Wednesday, December 1, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. pursuant to prior approval.

Board members in attendance: Robert Bello, Sue Byrch, Sandy Gregory, Jennifer DeGarmo, Laura Bruzzese, David Keleher, Jacque Wright, Ivan Alley, Jim Clark, Bob Yuhas, Lindi Anderson, George Kraehe, Carol Giannini (13)

Board members not in attendance:  Terry Brunner, Gabe Campos (2)

Other Neighbors present: Jacqueline Guilbault, Dick & Susan Diechsel, Isabella Bruzzese, Anna Muller, Sgt. Todd Hudson

George Kraehe, Co-Chair, called the meeting to order.  A quorum was present, the meeting duly convened, and ready to proceed with business.  After introductions, the Board approved the agenda with no modifications.  Minutes from November meeting were also approved as submitted.


Jim Clark presented a financial report for November 1 to November 30 with no change in account balance from the November report. The Treasurer’s Report was approved as submitted.

Police and Safety Report

Sgt. Todd Hudson reminds the group that police efforts materialize largely out of community concerns, so continue to bring them to the attention of the police force.  Sue Byrch requested motorized traffic law enforcement along 11th near Mountain, particularly for fire fighting teams who speed.  The Sergeant said he would have an officer address it, although he couldn’t guarantee that any tickets would be issued to fire fighters.  Jennifer expressed appreciation for the responsiveness that has taken place since she requested observation in the alley between Forrester and 11th.


Robert Bello made the Zoning Committee report.  He sent letters of support to Lucinda Montoya regarding the applications the Board voted to support last month (711 16th st. and for 1111 Fruit ???).  Keith Franchini appealed the decision made by the ZHE to not allow 100% office use of his building at 1005 5th St.  After much discussion and questioning and deliberation, the Appeals Board voted to uphold the original decision.

The DNA Board voted to express opposition to the requested carport at 610 Luna.

Concerning an application for zone change at the 1101 Forrester property, a motion was 2nded and passed 11 to 2 to write a letter in opposition of granting such zone change, which would allow the possibility of using a structure built as a residence for retail use.  Sue Byrch volunteered to serve as the liason between Downtown and Wells Park NAs.
Other Business

Carol has donated bulbs to Lew Wallace Elementary.

Jacque reports that the website is up and running, ready for feedback from the Board (

Jim will look into the possibility of obtaining a PO box at Old Town Plaza.

Anna: update on film industry – all goes well.

Reminder: upcoming meeting on 1/7/9.

With no remaining business to address, meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted,

David Keleher